1 in 12 Club (Reason To Believe #2)

Reason To Believe (based in Leeds) was a zine done by a collective of people such as Alex Gunn, ‘Sned’ (Flat Earth), Paco (La Vida Es Un Mus), Richard Corbridge (Armed With Anger), Cath O’Connor (‘Month Of Birthdays’ vocalist), Leo Harrison, Stuart Haynes, Stev(i)e Watts, Jamie West, etc. Loads of scenesters made contributions (to name but a few: Russ Snell, Laura Wirtz, Brian ‘Doom’, Jon ‘Active’, etc.). I was sent/given issues 2 & 3 for possible distribution but even though I appreciated those people’s intentions, I decided against it because there were paid adds in it…

>>The loose casual collective formed in the winter of 2000. The notion that we should do a zine which focused on the various aspects of the DIY element in punk, promoting practical alternatives to ideas, media, economics, living and art was soon agreed upon and the goal was to offer ‘the kids’ a little bit of insight into ‘who, what, where, when, how’ the scene runs. Having ‘old-timers’ on board meant an abundance of contacts were made available for distribution, advertising, contribution and being taken seriously in the early days of the zine. The zine ploughs on, providing plenty of scope into areas often overlooked by other zines and punks in general.<<

The zine was a  quarterly free (but “send stamps to cover postage”) newsprint mag along the lines of Fracture, HeartAttack, etc., concentrating mainly on the European HC/punk scene. It was always stacked with letters, columns/articles, reviews and interviews. Some of the features:

The second issue was a ‘special’ dedicated to the celibration of the 20th anniversary of the 1 in 12 Club, a venue (but so much more than that) in Bradford twinned to the Vort’n Vis in Ieper/Ypres (Belgium). There’s some bits about that below…

#3 was a ‘Women in HardCore-punk’ special. #5 dealt with the rise and fall of DIY distribution and had pieces on ‘Sin Dios’, squatting, Penny Rimbaud, … #6: ‘Seein’Red’, Mexican Anarchist Collective, … #8: Coalition recs, ‘Vitamin X’, resistance of globalisation in South-America, … #10: ‘Knifed’, ‘I Shot Cyrus’, ‘Project Hopeless’, Ungdomshuset, Bayer biotech-company, …

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