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Subterranean Kids (No Flag #2&3)

I started corresponding with ‘Uge’ (Eugenio García Escudero) from Gijon (Asturias, Spain) in the very early 90s. He distributed my zine and  and he visited me when traveling to Willy ‘Hiatus’ in Liège… Unfortunately No Flag was in Spanish so … Continue reading

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Man In The Shadow (Warhead #14)

Goran Ivanovic, the editor of Warhead, was originally from Pozega, Croatia (ex Yugoslavia) but this issue was done when he was studying (political studies) in Ljubljana, Slovenia; in 1997. I believe this is the last issue of “Croatia’s oldest anarchist … Continue reading

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Rubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1)

In the second half on the 90s, activity in the Antwerp HC/punk-scene started to raise again; with gigs at Sorm (in Deurne) and in the Scheld’apen squat. Dennis ‘Tyfus’ F., editor of Ultra Eczema helped set up shows at the latter. … Continue reading

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Fugazi (Incredible Shrinking Fanzine #5)

During a week of ‘holidays’ at the Edinburgh headquarters of A.K. press/distribution (actually my mate Ramsey Kanaan’s flat) in the early 90s, I was introduced to this fanzine. I brought home #3 (which had a HC/punk feel – featuring ‘Goober … Continue reading

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