Fire Party (Thrashold #2)

One of the first all-women hardcore-punk bands we got to see was ‘Fire Party’ from Washington D.C. They did a small tour with ‘Scream’ in 1988 (see pictures below) when they didn’t have any vinyl out yet. At that time they played a show with ‘Negazione’ in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where they were interviewed by Marq Kuypers of the Dutch fanzine Thrashold.

Thrashold was done by a bunch of guys from the Eindhoven – Bunker, 2B – scene (a.o. Martin ‘Scheet’ Voorbij, bassist of the band ‘Afflict’); they also did a mailorder and released 2 international compilation-LPs. Marq played drums for ‘Hardheaded Soul’.

The next year ‘Fire Party’ did a more extensive European tour and us, Smurfpunx, had the pleasure of having them over on 89-09-02 in Aalst, Belgium.

Fire Party (Thrashold #2) aFire Party (Thrashold #2) bFire Party (Thrashold #2) c


‘Fire Party’ (88-02-12 @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, Nl) (photos by Agna Van Rillaer)

Amy Pickering (vocals), Natalie Avery (guitar), Kate Samworth (bass), Nicky (Nicole) Thomas (drums)

88-02-12 Fire Party' (Effenaar) (by Agna)88-02-12 Fire Party'' (Effenaar) (by Agna)88-02-12 Fire Party (Effenaar) (by Agna)

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