Theo Witsell (Fucktooth #22)

Theo Witsell, who did Spectacle zine, was interviewed here by his good friend Jen Angel. She did her zine Fucktooth (“one of the first queer punk zines” but so much more than that…) from 1991 to 2000. She wrote about her personal life, music, sex, progressive political issues and a lot more. Often other people involved in the HC/punk-scene would contribute. Later on Jen focused on people she admired in the HC/punk- and zine-communities and talked more about relationships (e.g. poly/non-monogamy), gender-roles, body-image, underground media, etc. The last issue of Fucktooth published in 1999 was #24: a split with Theo’s Spectacle; “a collaborative effort examining the effects of technology (& its corporate control) on our lives and the world” (to which yours truly contributed). I corresponded with her and distributed some of her zines. Jen moved from Ohio to the Bay Area (California) and became the zine-coordinator for Maximum Rock’n’Roll (1997-98). She also compiled some issues of the Zine Yearbook (1996-2004) and published Clamor magazine with Jason Kucsma (1999-2006). If you wanna know more: there’s an interview with Jen Angel in Screams From The Inside #7 and I also have a very interesting one that Cat Shackleton did in her zine Eejit #3. Nowadays Jen’s Adjunct Assistant Professor (Anthropology and Social Change) at the California Institute Of Integral Studies, runs her own business (making cupcakes) and works for a booking- and publicity-agency… (read more on

I only have a few of the last issues of Fucktooth left in my archives… In #21 (1996) she wrote about dating, punk-rock, etc. Eric Boehme (After The Revolution) contributed a piece about community. There’s the continuation of the 50 Ways To Be Punk project (with Christine Boarts, Lisa Camisa and others). And so much more (also letters, reviews, more contributions). #22 (1997) contains rants on punk-rock, consumerism and youth-culture. There’s also show-reports, more punk-profiles (people such as Theo Witsell, Kent McClard, …), bits about (women’s) health and AIDS. A conversation with Bill Reidy is about freight(train)-hopping. What The Hell Do I Know About Getting Married is a contribution, another one deals with non-monogamy. More pages with readers’ letters, book-reviews, resources regarding zine-libraries, distributors, reviewers. In the 23rd issue (1998), Jen gave the ins and outs of her departure from MRR (she was treated badly), she theorized about long-term relationships and let us know what else she was up at that time. And then there’s the above-mentioned split-issue…

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