Dissent (Wajlemac #5)

I got to know ‘Dissent’ through Reiner Mettner of Double-A recs (Hannover, Germany). I helped distribute their records (that were licensed to this label). These people (from Rapid City, South Dakota, USA) released their vinyl by themselves (Amity recs). This is from a review I wrote in my zine about their Epitome Of Democracy LP (’89): >>They made it a point of honour to really clarify, comment and illustrate their lyrics. They’re a reflection of the band’s luminous ideas and instigation to openmindedness. Musically they shower us with bursts of fresh, joyful and varied HC. You immediately feel the urge to sing along or jump around. Tuneful melodies, catchy riffs supporting inciting vocals. A true DIY product and an excellent band to support.<<

They also did a couple 7″s – Boy Eats Own Head! (’88) & Expression (’91) – and a self-titled LP (’88). And there was a split-LP with ‘Dead Silence’ on Double-A (’88). In 1989 Reiner intended to get them over to tour Europe so I made preperations to interview them for Tilt! Unfortunately, this was never published (though I have quite some material of it) and the tour never happened, as far as I can remember because they’d split up…

At the time of this interview Tanja was still playing the bass for them but she quit and was replaced by Tim Popa. The others were Skip (vocals), Todd Smith (drums) and Bob Baker (guitar/vocals). Later they became a trio when Skip quit.

Can’t remember how I got ahold of a few issues of Wajlemac (never knew what that meant). The editor, Devon Morf, probably sent them for review. I wasn’t very positive about it at first: it looked like it was intended to be a little brother of MRR (Murray Bowles, Walter Glaser, Chris Dodge and a whole bunch of others from the Bay Area were contributing) and as if it was done by a hyperactive attention-deficit dude. When I actually met him in San Francisco he turned out to be a super-energetic skater-type with a weird sense of humour, and a nice kid; he also was/is the vocalist in a few bands (e.g. ‘All You Can Eat’, ‘Conquest For Death’). In the issues I have there aren’t that many longer interviews but this one (allthough not very serious) is informative.

Dissent (Wajlemac #5) aDissent (Wajlemac #5) bDissent (Wajlemac #5) cDissent (Wajlemac #5) dDissent (Wajlemac #5) e

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  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    Todd Smith communicated: >> The tour by Reiner fell through for some other reason on his end, don’t remember. So we threw ourselves into another US tour. The Epitome Of Democracy tour was our last. We finished up in November and took about 6 months off. Bob went to live in Colorado with his girlfriend. In May/June of ’90 we moved to Olympia, Washington. At this time a fellow South Dakotan, friend and guitar-player named Van Stevens joined us to become a 4-piece. We tried real hard but we just weren’t getting along that well, mostly Bob and I. We played one final show in October, made a final recording and then Bob left to go back to Colorado. Tim, Van and I continued in new form to play for another 3 years as ‘Mothermay’I. A year after ‘Dissent’ broke up. Bob and his girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver. It was a major loss to Punk Rock, ‘Dissent’ and South Dakota/midwest punk. It’s been 20 years now but it’s still shocking. <<

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