Mykel Board (Too Far #14)

I met Mykel Board when he was playing a show with his band ‘Artless’ for our gig-collective (87-04-17). The only thing I knew about him was that he was a Maximum’Rock’Roll columnist and was considered “controversial”. Certain moments he sounded very witty and intelligent, and the next he came as across as cynical, boisterous and loud. The following years I read some of his columns (far from all): sometimes I was annoyed or shocked – he’s not the most P.C. person – sometimes I tend to agree when he sounded logical. He is indeed going to the limits of what can be considered ‘freedom of speech’ and by times even crossing these. I guess one can say he made/makes people think. Some called him a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, etc. He was even ‘fired’ from writing MRR columns… There’s a lot of his writings on the internet: go see for yourself! He’s also got a website and a blog.

Here he was interviewed by his friend and (all-women band) ‘Spitboy’s vocalist Adrienne Melanie Droogas (nowadays Stone), in her zine Too Far. I’d gotten to know Adrienne a bit after meeting her when ‘Spitboy’ played here (93-05-01) and we corresponded for a bit. I distributed her zines over here but then for a reason that I still don’t know, she stopped writing. Also a very strong-willed person… In the issues I got of her zine (from her Berkeley period) she wrote about “womyn”/gender-issues and sexuality (rape, abortion, etc.) and interviewed people such as MRR’s Tim Yo, Sam McPheeters, Ben Weasel, Jello Biafra, … She also wrote columns for Profane Existence, Slug & Lettuce and others.

Mykel Board (Too Far #14) aMykel Board (Too Far #14) bMykel Board (Too Far #14) cMykel Board (Too Far #14) d

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