Face First (Mount The Purple Sceptre #1)

The editor of this zine was Glenn Salter (from Mississauga, Ontario). He was also the guitarist of ‘Death Of Gods’ & after that ‘More Stupid Initials’ (‘M.S.I.’; with ‘Sons Of Ishmael’s Paul Morris)… Some of his friends (e.g. Steve Perry; who made the zine available online) contributed material.

Before this Glenn Salter did a zine called Deathcore. After that he kept changing the name of every issue: Subject to Change was the first issue after Deathcore and then came Mount The Purple Sceptre. So there was only one issue. It has interviews with ‘Half Off’, ‘Stupids’, ‘Th’Inbred’, ‘The Nils’, ‘Verbal Assault’, ‘Face First’ (Oklahoma), ‘S.N.F.U.’ & ‘Lärm’; reviews (movies, zines, records), opinions (e.g. on censorship, sexism).

I’m choosing to reprint the ‘Face Fist’ interview since most of the other bands already received attention on here. It was the band of Darren Mock (bass), who would later tour with ‘Verbal Assault’. He founded Drunken Fish recs in the 90s. The others in the band were Jason Hadley (drums), Rich Knapp (guitar) and Mark Smirl (vocals).

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