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Pushead (Kaaos #9)

Matti Saarinen (from Toijala, north Of Helsinki) did this zine in the period 1980-1986. Apparently he also wrote for other zines (e.g. Barabbas) and contributed to MRR. In the 90s he ran a label/mailorder named Kaaos Korporaatio. A few issues … Continue reading

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Força Macabra (Downsided #1)

Downsided was done by Toni Eiskonen (at that time residing in a town called Mikkeli), the bassist of the Finnish band ‘Kirous’ (that played the Vort’n Vis on 96-09-21). This first issue had some columns, reviews and interviews with ‘Noothgrush’ … Continue reading

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Inkisiçao (Angelheart #3)

J-P (Janne-Pekka) Muikku, from Joensuu, did some compilation-tapes in the early 90s and then started Angelheart (the name because he didn’t want to easily hint at the brutal music – crust/grind/punk/metal – being covered). In an interview he stated that … Continue reading

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