M.D.C. (Object-Dismembered #2)

Object-Dismembered was the zine done by ‘Dave Dissident’ David Ross (Heathmont, near Melbourne, Australia), drummer for various bands such as ‘Civil Dissident’, ‘Masappeal’, ‘Condemned’ & ‘Vicious Circle’. The first issue was published in 1985 (containing interviews with ‘Legion Of Parasites’, ‘Stupids’, ‘Indirekt’, a brief presentation of ‘Zyklome-A’, etc.); the second – a “special European issue” – in 1986. My mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed me his copy. It contains interviews with ‘M.D.C.’, ‘Government Issue’, Ian MacKaye & ‘S.N.F.U.’, a Melbourne scene-report (Massappeal), reviews and an opinion on ego (nationalism).

Don’t know if the announced #3 ever got out… Around 1986-87, Dave also started Australia’s first skateboard ‘zine called Perfect Transition.


There were only two issues of Object-Dismembered. The first was a collaboration with the members of ‘Civil Dissident’ but it was largely driven by Tracey [Skepper], our bass-player. It was her artwork on the cover of the first issue. I produced the second issue while travelling around the world for 10 months in 1986/1987. I had the opportunity to see approximately 360 bands during that time, and interview many important people in the scene. Whether it was the 22nd interview bailing up Reed Mullin [‘Corrosion Of Conformity’ drummer] as he was washing his hands in the men’s bathroom at ‘the rat’ [The Rathskeller, legendary live music venue] in Boston to ask him his thoughts on the ‘Discharge’ reunion show the night before in New York City, or the time I stayed at Dischord House and interviewed Ian MacKaye. The nice thing is that some 30+ years later, I’m still friends with many if not most of those people. I always enjoyed the creativity and perspective from reading everybody’s zines. The great thing about it is that anybody could do it. If you needed an outlet of expression and you couldn’t play an instrument then it was a perfect opportunity to get hands-on and be part of an important underground movement. It wasn’t just a compilation of articles and interviews, but a zine provides the perspective of the writer to project their angle on whatever topic of their choosing. I do love the fact that it was open to anybody. These days with online access it’s easier to collate and produce such publications. Back in the day, it involved building rapport and relationships via written mail and cassette-recordings with people who you otherwise would not have had any access to. I was more involved in the creation of Australia’s first skateboarding fanzine, Perfect Transition, which ultimately became a glossy magazine sold in news-stands. PT was unique in that not only was it the first publication of its type but initially we arranged for any shop in Australia that sold skateboard-gear, which at the time was limited to surf-shops, to stock the zine and sell it at no profit. Surprisingly, everyone got on board. Pardon the pun!

David Ross

In ‘M.D.C.’ at the time of this interview: Dave Dictor (vocals), ‘Franco’ Rudolph Frank Mares (bass; R.I.P.), Gordon Fraser (guitar), ‘Alschvitz’ Al Schultz (drums). The band had just released the Smoke Signals LP (1986). Check out another interview done between their ’87 & ’88 European tours

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