Siren (Sanjam #4)

Sanjam was a zine done by Yann Dubois (living near Rennes is Bretagne), a nice fellow (met him at least once) that I corresponded with. I distributed it until #5 I believe. His interviews were interesting and sometimes quite thoughtprovoking. He regularly send out clever/witty/serious questions to various people involved in the int’l HC/punk-scene aswell. A peculiarity was that he often let bands review their own records. Later he also ran a distro (El Trasgo) and started a label, releasing material from mostly rather unknown bands (e.g. a 4-way split CD with ‘Lee Majors’, ‘Eterna Inocencia’, ‘Divide And Conquer’ & ‘Juggling Jugulars’ in 1997)…

June ’95 I met Maximum Rock’n’Roll columnist and singer of the Californian band ‘Siren’, Brian Zero, at our  autonomous centre Vort’n Vis at a gig where the American bands ‘Avail’, ‘Four Walls Falling’ and ‘Sensefield’ were playing. Perhaps some other members of his band were there too… ‘Siren’ had a record (Becoming Wheels) out on the Czech label Day After recs who also did the European version of the ‘Four Walls Falling’ LP… I recall getting along with Brian quite well: he’d written an (elaborated) article on Corporate Punk for M.R.R. That and others were compiled in a booklet entitled Major Labels – Some Of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked. I helped distribute that and it influenced me substantially. Brian was a gentle and intelligent person, a teacher. I believe he lives in Prague nowadays…

Siren (Sanjam #4) aSiren (Sanjam #4) bSiren (Sanjam #4) c

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