What Made You Punk? (Slaughtered Trees And Toxic Ink #4)

My Swiss pen-pal Pablo (drummer of the anarcho-punk bands ‘Brains Of Humans’ – a follow-up to ‘The Decay’ – and later ‘Earth Citizens’) already did a zine (with his mate Fritze) in the late 80s: Alternative. (Actually he also helped out with Deadly Dose Of Noise before.) Alternative evolved into No Sanctuary (in the early 90s). They also ran Resistance Productions (orginally a tape-label & -distro but they eventually also released vinyl; turned into Strongly Opposed recs). Read his recollections below…

The first issue of ’90s project S.T.A.T.I. saw the light of day in  Nov ’93 (but it never reached me). Pablo sent me #2: kind of manifesto where he explains his thoughts/views on life/anarchy (P@b@rchy). #3 was announced for ’94 and should’ve been all about punk 7″s but the fourth issue (“a punk fanzine with a poll”; made available online by Michael Kopijn) came earlier. He asked answers to two questions to several punks from around the world. ‘How did you become a punk?’ & ‘What keeps you punk so far?’. Here’s some responses. This is from 1995; perhaps some (other) (ex?-punk) people should reflect about this now…?



Lara A.; Massive Love & Désir Nocturne zines

Patrick Kolb; Libertad O Muerte! zine/distro, Svaveldioxid zine/distro, ‘Destitution’

Sascha May; Evilspeak zine

Federico Gómez; ‘Dir Yassin’




Goran Ivanovic; Warhead zine, ‘Apatridi‘ vocalist – Lük Haas; Tian An Men 89 records

Mark Richardson; ‘Terminus’ vocalist/guitarist, editor of Fuck Off And Drop Dead zine

Chris Banks; Averzion zine – Rania Giakoumaki; Stronly Opposed zine

‘Uge’ Eugenio García Escudero; No Flag & Antipoder zines, ‘Intolerance’ & ‘Strangis Guajes’ guitarist

Joakim Bergman; Am I Punk Yet? zine

#1 of S.T.A.T.I. was basically a zine to ‘celebrate’ 5 years of Resistance Productions; it was more or less listings of bands we interviewed in the zines, a list of our releases, plus a few writings. I was surprised to read we had planned to release a 7” by ‘Turmoil’ from Turkey! I completey forgot about that! You mentioned the second… #3 would indeed have been about punk 7”s from 1976 to ’79 (independent/DIY) but sadly I got only one reply (from Mark of ‘Terminus’), so that issue never happened. #4 = the ‘what made you become punk’ issue. #4 1/2 was basically more of #4 and was done as a split-issue with Braindeath a.k.a. Mother 3 1/2.

That’s it. No idea why I didn’t do any more. Most probably because the last split-issue was also the final release of Resistance Productions (well until 2021 that is!).

Alternative had quite a lot of content, the final one being more than 160 pages… It got to a point where we couldn’t afford it anymore; we were able to do #5 only ’cause we did most of the printing etc. ourselves. The alternative (ha!) then was to do No Sanctuary monthly (with a lot less pages), doing 100 copies, mailing them to distros and then quite a few did more copies. That worked fine for 3 years, maybe  even longer, but we expected more feedback which we only got years/decades later (e.g. punks in the Philippines talking about it at a gig in 2021!).

That Braindeath split-issue was the final zine. I did 4 issues of that and they were all named after fave songs: #1 Braindeath,  #2 The meaning Of Resistance, #3 Initiative, #4 Mother. I also helped publishing the 2 issues of Strongly Opposed though. And as we take steps down from big zines to smaller ones: I then even took it a step even smaller with the 2 sided newsletter The Saftey Pin (which ended after 16 issues in 2002).

Every now and then I think about doing a new zine and in 2009 I actually started working on one! That was supposed to be called In Times Of Peace You must Remember The Horrors Of War. It seem to have stopped working on it after 9 pages…


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