M.D.C. (Mere Pseud Mag #2)

Gareth Gordon, editor of this zine (originally from Belfast but relocated to Cardiff for a few years), was embedded in the scene around the Warzone (gig) collective and Giro’s (vegetarian/vegan) café so I most probably got this zine from my correspodent there, Julia Bleakney.


Gareth & Alistair Reddick (the other editor) were centrally involved in Giro’s for a long time. They came in during a lunch-break from school because they heard we had access to a cheap printer and they wanted to get the first issue of Mere Pseud Mag printed. They ended up being really taken with the place and got involved immediately. They also played in a band together (along with me) called the ‘God Cops’. Alistair went on to join ‘F.U.A.L.’ and Gareth formed ‘Unsound’.

Petesy Burns

There were 3 short-lived issues, the first was a photocopied effort that concentrated on the indie scene in Belfast (the indie orientation is evident in the name, taken from a song by ‘The Fall’). By the second issue we had dived into the hardcore-scene in Belfast via the Warzone Collective, and the content reflected that (local politics, animal rights, environmental issues, etc). The third issue was the last one and we went on to different projects. we also interviewed (in person) ‘Victim’s Family’, Irish bands [‘3 Ring Psychosis’], English bands visiting Belfast [‘Ripcord’, ‘Life Cycle’], …

Gareth Gordon

‘M.D.C.’s vocalist Dave Dictor is questioned here about the band and his opinions on some political issues relevant at that time… Gordon tells me it was a postal interview. I assume it was done between their ’87 & ’88 European tours.


MDC (Mere Pseud Mag #2) aMDC (Mere Pseud Mag #2) bMDC (Mere Pseud Mag #2) cMDC 87 euro tour logo

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