Merel (Down But Not Out #3)

No idea how I obtained this… Bought it from a touring band or got it sent to me for review or possible distribution? The zine was done by two guys from New Jersey: Patrick (Pat K. Tutek) & Rich (Leiter; drummer for the band ‘Bleed’). The former did a record-label (Soundtrack Of Protest) for a little while (94-95).

Don’t know about the content of the first two issues. #3 has interviews with bands such as ‘Railhed’ (with Darren Walters of the label Jade Tree), ‘Mouthpiece’, ‘No Escape’, ‘Merel’ & ‘Die 116’ (ex ‘Rorschach’), and Matt Gard (Radio Riot newsletter). There’s also short bits on guns, making money & being punk, slavery, employment, etc.; and something about Sam McPheeters vs Boiling Point zine.

I reviewed it in Tilt! #8: >>Entertaining and interesting interviews with decent questioning in which the editors explore smart and seemingly not-so-smart bands. Despite a few intelligent columns, DBNO is mainly a music-zine.<<

The interview with ‘Merel’ dates from the summer of 1993 and questions were raised about the band surviving. They obviously did, since they ended up playing at our autonomous centre Vort’n Vis (95-12-03). ‘Merel’ was an emo band from New Jersey, with David A. (Dave) Leto (bass; on the Euro tour replaced by ‘Iconoclast’s Kevin Kajetzke) and Gregg Leto (drums) – both later in ‘Rye Coalition’, Jon Ariz (guitar), Mike Solski (guitar) & José Juan Ruiz (vocals). They did a split-7” with Iconoclast on Old Glory and a 7” & LP on Charles Maggio’s label Gern Blandsten.


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