Dario Adamic (Unmasked Creeper #1)

This interview was done by 2 Croatian young women (still in their teens at the time, if I remember well): Ana Malacic & Nikolina ‘Nina’ Majdak (from Kutina). From letters we exchanged they seemed quite adventurous and openminded, so I didn’t hesitate to distribute their work. I got to see 2 issues. The first contained bits on love, human rights, abortion, the Monte Paradiso (in Pula, Cro) & Ladronka (Prague, Cze) festivals; interviews with Croatian bands ‘S.M.C.’ & ‘Razlog Za’, and Energy recs (Ser); reviews,  a French scene-report, etc. The second had an interview with ABC Huddersfield, ‘Directed Crew’, ‘Kravi Mandat’ & ‘Bakanali’ from Croatia, and ‘Dog On A Rope’ (Leeds); a story about Ecotopia ’98, a variety of personal columns, a Polish scene-report and loads more.

Nikolina (R) studied journalism and is a professional independent artist (theatre & performance, mime & dance). Ana (L) is a highschool art teacher.

Dario Adamic (a.k.a. Adam) was the main person behind Zips & Chains zine. He’s originally from Split (ex Yugoslavia, nowadays Croatia) but when we corresponded, he studied in Rome (nowadays he lives in Berlin). Besides the zine he did a distribution (Bored Teenagers) and later started his label Goodwill recs. He was also the bassplayer in a few bands (‘Break Out’, ‘This Side Up’). Dario was also the initiator of the monthly Homeless Veggie Dinner (in Kreuzberg) where food that would be destined for waste-containers is transformed into delicious dishes…

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