Man Is The Bastard (Drops In The Ocean #2)

Drops In The Ocean was done by Roger ‘NBH’ (‘Nothing But Human’) who used to play the bass for the socialist sXe band ‘Feeding The Fire’ (and also ‘Point Of No Return’). Before this one here, he did Connection X zine; together with Rob Franssen (‘F.T.F.’ vocalist). Roger originated from Kerkrade, The Netherlands (nowadays residing in Amsterdam).

Can ‘t remember having seen the first issue. Besides this ‘M.I.T.B.’ interview, #2  contains quite a few photos, some ads, bits of poetry and a talk with ‘Acme’.

Today Roger’s a photographer/designer and creates dark ambient/drones/soundscapes under the name ‘Monotonos’.

‘Man Is the Bastard’ (also known as ‘Charred Remains’ was another project put together by Eric Wood (ex ‘Pissed Happy Children’). He’d also been in ‘Neanderthal’… Their music was described as power-violence and they’re known for their brutal dual bass attacks. This interview dates from early ’95 (with Joel Connell on drums, Aaron Kenyon doing bass/vocals, Eric bass/vocals, Henry Barnes electronics & Andy Beattie vocals).

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