Green Day (Grot #5)

Grot was a zine (operated from New York) edited by Jim Testa, with contributors such as John Lisa (guitarist of ‘Sleeper’ & ‘Serpico’), Ben ‘Weasel’ Foster (‘Screeching Weasel’), photographer Ken Salerno,  etc. I can’t exactly recall how I got this but I guess I bought it during my stay in San Francisco in 1989… Some of the (other) bands in this issue were: ‘Gwar’, ‘Knifedance’, ‘Steel Pole Bath Tub’ and ‘NoMeansNo’. It’s the only issue I have.

During that same vacation, I also purchased a relatively big amount of vinyl. Some of it was by this young, fresh-sounding band ‘Green Day’. I quite liked their uptempo melodic punk-rock style. They had vinyl out on Lawrence Livermore’s label LookOut! recs (also known for releases by bands such as ‘Isocracy’, ‘Stikky’, ‘Opeartion Ivy’, etc.).

At the time of the interview the band was Mike Dirnt (Michael Ryan Pritchard; bass), Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar/vocals) and John Kiffmeyer (‘Al Sobrante’, drums; ex ‘Isocracy’). Tré Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III; drums) joined later and did the tour that brought them to the Vort’n Vis (91-12-08). Their answers in this interview (their early days) is in their well-known style: brief and ironic…

Green Day (Grot #5) aGreen Day (Grot #5) b

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