Stalag 17 (Tirade #2)

This zine was done by Craig Bryce (‘Brycey’; later in ‘Sedition’ & ‘Dawson’) and his mate Anthony – from Glasgow, Scotland – when they were 16, 17 years old. They did 3 issues. #1: ‘A.O.A.’, ‘Culture Shock’, ‘Chumbawama’, etc. – a benefit for Faslane Peace Camp; #2: ‘Stalag 17’, ‘Deviated Instinct’, ‘Generic’, etc; #3: ???. Afterwards ‘Brycey’ did a tape-label Reel To Real (that turned into a record-label which he did with Angus Quinn – releasing the ‘Sedition’/‘Pink Turds In Space’ split-LP).

I got to know ‘Stalag 17’ when they come over to the continent and played a show for the Smurfpunx collective (86-05-10). The band was from Belfast, Northern-Ireland (which we heard about on the news, regarding the civil war, regularly): Brian McCann (guitar), Joe Carey (vocals), Petesy Burns (drums) & ‘Big’ Jim Gilmore (guitar). We also got to know about the Warzone collective & Giro’s café/social centre they had going, and about other bands from over there (e.g. ‘Toxic Waste’ – which they did a split 12″ EP with: The Truth Will Be Heard, released on Mortorhate recs).

Petesy’s account of ‘Stalag 17’s early history


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