Bikini Kill (Treadmill #1)

Treadmill was a zine (probably a one-off) that was a collaboration of Daisy Rooks (Not Even; living in Bethesda, Md at that time) and Adam Thompson (Keloid). Never seen the latter but I distributed Daisy’s zine who I’d gotten to know through the socalled Chicks Up Front Posse (Vique Martin, Kim Nolan, Hazel Lepers, etc.), which encouraged girls/women in the HC/punk scene to claim their space at concerts, without letting them be intimidated by violent dancing, macho behaviour or sexism in general. Nowadays Daisy is an assistant professor (PhD) at the Dep. of Sociology of the University of Montana and does work about labour and labour-movements, social movements and collective action, sociology of education and sociology of work.

Daisy did this interview with Kathleen Hanna ( of ‘Bikini Kill’, one of the pioneers of the (feminist) Riot Grrrl movement. The band was quite controversial; in the first place because they confronted males with the unequality, the priviliges of their gender, etc. Which was/remains necessary! It is still a point of debate whether they used the right ‘tactics’… In any case it was good that these women stirred some shit up! I also recall that not all women in the broad spectrum of the HC/punk scene felt represented by Riot Grrrl. And other people who felt DIY and anti-capitalism was a major point in HC/punk, didn’t wellcome the band’s engagement with more commercial labels/dsitributions either… Nevertheless; it’s beyond doubt that they inspired a lot of women!

Bikini Kill (Treadmill #1) aBikini Kill (Treadmill #1) bBikini Kill (Treadmill #1) cBikini Kill (Treadmill #1) d (+)Daisy Rooks girlChicks Up Front:

Chicks Up Front (Treadmill #1)Chicks UpFront hoodie (Heidi B, made by Daisy R)Hi-d sporting a unique Chicks Up Front hoody made by Daisy R.

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