Amebix (Filthy Trash #2)

A while before Paul ‘Hammy’ Halmshaw started his label Peaceville recs (in 1987; his distribution and tape-label started earlier) he was the drummer of ‘Instigators‘ (84-85) and he sang for ‘Civilised Society?’ (86-87). He also did a couple of issues (85-86) of this zine: Filthy Trash. ‘Dinger’ (Shaun Crabtree; also sang for ‘C.S.?’ at one time) asssited. Actually a guy named Pete (“who absolutely did nothing”) was also part of the ‘Filthy Trash Collective’…

The first issue (Oct. ’85) was with ‘Disorder’ & ‘Danbert Nobacon’. The second (Jan. ’86) featured ‘Cult Maniax’, ‘Amebix’ & Nick Toczek. Both issues listed the stuff ‘Hammy’ distributed. There were also reviews, cartoons, ‘political’ info and some (ironic) columns…

These issues are from Dirk Ceustermans’ collection. Cheers to him!

‘Amebix’ was interviewed here about a year before they split up; the line-up at that time being ‘Stig’ Chris Miller (guitar/vocals), ‘Spider’ Robert Richards (drums), ‘The Baron’ Rob Miller (bass/vocals) & George ‘Smutpig Fletcher’ (synths). The Arise! album must’ve been just out (recorded June 1985).

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