Libido Boyz (Misprints #1)

This interview appeared in the Dutch (from Leiden) zine Misprints. As far as I know it was a one-off. I got to know the people that did it (Jeroen van der Star – nowadays a DJ/producer – & Marald Van Haasteren, illustrator and graphic artist that does/did artwork for bands) through a mate (Erik de Vroomen) I worked with when booking shows there (@ Breehuys).

In 1989 I was in San Francisco for 3 weeks and met quite some interesting people and saw some great bands play live. One of them was ‘Libido Boyz’ from Mankato (Minnesota) that were on tour (DIY). I really liked their music and attitude, bought their (just recorded and self-released) 7″ It’s All So Obvious and started a correspondence with their singer Billy (Bisson). Some time later I was very disappointed that they did an album for First Strike recs (to me a commercial enterprise). In 1990 they toured Europe but our Smurfpunx-collective refused to work with that label for a show… Pity!

At that time the others in the band were Jeff(rey) Schnobrich (guitar), Dustin Perry (bass) and Chad Sabin (drums). This is one of the very few interviews I’ve seen with them…

‘Libido Boyz’ (@ Covered Wagon, San Francisco, 89-08-06); pic courtesy of Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski

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