Moral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5)

Somewhere around 1987 I got the debut-album of the U.S. band ‘Moral Crux’ (from Washington state) sent to me by their singer James T. Farris. We corresponded for a while and I really appreciated the band’s music, attitude and politics. I eventually met them and saw them play at Gilman Street’s warehouse in San Francisco (89-08-04; see below). Besides James the band consisted of drummer Jody Kimmell, guitarist Jeff Jenkins and bassist Justin Warren.

This is what I wrote about them in my review for Tilt! #5: >> What a surprise it was to hear this band’s music. Different styles (punkrock / melodic hardcore / reggae / ska / rock’n’roll touches) and influences (‘Buzzcocks’, ‘Clash’, ‘Stiff Little Fingers’). The record is packed with 21 songs, which piece by piece are full of energy. Nice chorusses and wonderful lead vocals: listen to the song Mindless Obedience, you’ld swear you hear the ‘Buzzcocks’. Very good, intelligent lyrics. Buy this one and learn what HC/punk is! << ‘Moral Crux’ also covered ‘The Dead Boys’ Sonic Reducer as I did with my own band ‘Repulsives’…

The interview mentions they split up (that’s probably why an interview for my zine Tilt! never became a reality) but apparently they reformed and are still active as you can read on ReverbNation

Drastic Solutions was a zine from the Toronto area edited by Paul Abrash & Stephen Perry (drummer & singer of the band ‘One Blood’). These guys had very strong opinions (“challenging interviews & daring thoughts”, as I wrote) and were quite intelligent/political (which I like). One of the best zines I read.

Stephen does a radio-show on a local FM station and does a blog (equalizingXdistort) with the same name. Omar Sheriff (‘One Blood’s guitarist) informed me that Paul is playing in two crust/metal bands (‘Legion XVII’ and ‘Sepulchre’)…

Moral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5) aMoral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5) bMoral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5) cMoral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5) dMoral Crux (Drastic Solutions #5) e————————-

89-08-04 Moral Crux (Gilman St)photo taken @ Gilman St, Berkeley (89-08-04) by my mate Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski; (also present that evening: Murray Bowles, Devon Morf, René Harx, myself and many more)

89-08 Gilman Street'

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  1. Stephen Perry says:

    ‘One Blood’ was a band that Paul and I played in from 1989 – 1991 I think. Paul was the drummer and I was the singer. Omar played guitar. Adam Payne also played guitar and James Ware played bass. Adam has moved to BC and is playing in bands out there and recording bands as well. James is playing bass in a band called ‘Dirty Bird’ currenty. Omar moved the the UK.
    I lived in a punk house where ‘One Blood’ first started and then Paul and I lived in a house together where ‘One Blood’ continued to jam in the basement. Paul did the zine Drastic Solutions. I worked at a school-newspaper and convinced Paul to let me help him do the design. So as of issue 2 I started helping him with transcribing and then design and later interviewing and writing.

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