H.D.Q. (Crisispoint #3)

Crisispoint was the fanzine done by Steve Cotton (from Surbiton, Surrey). I only got this one issue (probably traded it with my own zine, or distributed it?). We also met when he was on tour with ‘Decadence Within’; see 90-03-91). This #3 was a split with Polka Slam (editor: Mark Pycraft) and came with a compilation-7″ (‘Bolt Thrower’, ‘Culture Shock’, ‘H.D.Q.’ & ‘Instigators’); on Steve’s label Sisters Of Percy recs. Steve also published interviews with ‘Dan’, ‘Vicious Circle’ & Henry Rollins here, and wrote a bunch of reviews and did a report on the Australian scene. Nowadays he’s a photographer based in London. He’s also doing a blog (on street-art, graffiti, punk and photography) and made his zines (he also collaborated for UK Resist) and photos available on his website artofthestate.co.uk.

‘H.D.Q.’ (Hung, Drawn & Quartered) was a posi melodic HC band from Sunderland. This interview was done with their singer Dave ‘Golly’ Golledge (who replaced the original vocalist Stephen ‘Pyley’ Pyle), before their second tour in Europe (Sep ’88). Richard ‘Dickie’ Hammond (R.I.P.) was the guitarist and around that time (recordings of the Believe 7″) I think Rob Bewick played bass & Andrew ‘La(i)ney’ Laing did drums. Smurfpunx organised 2 shows for them (89-10-01 & 90-12-22).

HDQ (Crisispoint #3) aHDQ (Crisispoint #3) bHDQ (Crisispoint #3) cHDQ (Crisispoint #3) d

HDQ releases (Steve Cotton)

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