Martin Sprouse (Think For Yourself #13)

At Blacklist distribution in San Francisco in August ’89; that’s where I met Martin Sprouse. I knew about his involvement with Maximum RocknRoll & the Gilman Street Project, and that he had done a zine (Leading Edge, “very influential positive/edge zine back in the mid-eighties”) in his hometown San Diego; but not much more. He was a graphic artist and was the main man at Pressure Drop Press (publishing company). At that time there was a buzz about his book Threat By Example. I think I bought it there. Later I got copies from AK Distribution (Ramsey Kanaan) or Active distribution (Jon Elliott) to sell in my area; also of his other publications (e.g. Sabotage In The American Workplace). Martin provided us with quite some inspiritional literature!

In the summer of 1990 I stayed over at Ramsey Kanaan’s place in Edinburgh, where I spent the nights in his distribtion’s stock-room. Heaven! I picked up a lot of interesting reading-material there. One of the zines I brought home was Think For Yourself, done by Paul Rutherford (from Glasgow). The zine had been going for 7 years then already but it was new to me. It looked neat and was quite interesting. A few years later he wrote a booklet entitled Fanzine Culture (“a trial to provide insight into why people do fanzines”) that I helped distribute…

Martin Sprouse (Think For Yourself #13) aMartin Sprouse (Think For Yourself #13) bMartin Sprouse (Think For Yourself #13) c————————-

- Threat By Example- Sabotage in the American Workplace

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