Neanderthal (Excess #3)

This fanzine was edited by Dave Nathanson, brother of Adam (guitarist of ‘Life’s Blood’, ‘Born Against’ & Young Pioneers; and editor of a few zines). I only have the third issue (most probably got it from Sam McPheeters) and it reminded me a lot (layout-wise) of Sam’s zine Dear Jesus and/or Kent McClard’s No Answers. Dave was doing this out of his university-dorm in Washington DC. He was SxE but the zine didn’t focus on that…

A review of #2 (’91) mentions interviews with ‘Forced Down’, ‘Neurosis’, ‘Swiz’, etc., an “installment of War Prayer © and plenty of god-bashing material”. #3 (’91) contains interviews with ‘Fuel’, ‘Neanderthal’, ‘Krack’; a diary of ‘Born Against’s American tour (by Adam), zine-/music-/concert-reviews, an opinion by the band ‘Downcast’ and a column on animal-research. For #4 a ‘Rorschach’ interview was announced…

Here’s the interview Dave did with ‘Neanderthal’s Eric Wood (ex ‘Pissed Happy Children’; also ‘Charred Remains’, ‘Man Is The Bastard‘, ‘Crossed Out’, etc.) in Dec. 1990, when the 7″ on Slap A Ham recs with Eric doing bass/vocals, ‘Infest’s Matt Domino (drums/guitar) & Joe Denunzio (vocals) was just out and they hadn’t played live yet… They were a Californian (superfast & brutal) powerviolence band. The mentioned split with ‘Pink Turds In Space’ was indeed under the name of Wood’s other project ‘Charred Remains’ a.k.a. Man Is The Bastard’. Sam McPheeters’ zine Dear Jesus #38 came with a ‘Neanderthal’/’Rorschach’ split.

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