Disforia (dysphoria = state of unease/dissatisfaction) was mainly the work of ‘Takkop’ (Roberto Farano a.k.a ‘Tax’; guitarist of ‘Negazione‘ – previously of ‘5° Braccio’ and also drummer of ‘Declino’) from Torino. He got help of Marco Mathieu & ‘Zazzo’ Guido Sassola (‘Negazione’), ‘SandrOpp’ Sandro Bramardi & Silvio Bernelli (‘Declino’), and others. The same name was used to produce tapes and dsitribute tapes… Before (1981-82, 15-16 years old), Roberto had already released some (compilation)tapes under the name Play At Your Home recs.

For those who understand Italian: Roberto’s story is on the www… Prior to Disforia, in his teens, there was a zine entitled Ansia (“anxiety”) that Roberto did, and he helped ‘Nasty’ Vittorio Castellani with Krosta zine. There were 4 issues of Disforia (#0 to 3; the latter came with an ‘M.D.C.’ special).

The cover of #0 (Dec ’82) mentions ‘Wretched’, ‘Kollettivo’ (Torino), ‘Disper-Azione’ (Como), ‘5° Braccio’, ‘A.R.R.M.’ (Como), ‘Kaaos’, ‘Fear’ & ‘M.D.C.’ #1 (Nov. ’83) is available on the www: it features ‘Poison Idea’, the Collettivo Autogestito (self-managed collective) via Scazzola in Alessandria,’Cracked Hirn’ (Ancona) and there’s news from the Torino scene (‘Declino’ etc.). Roberto donated scans of #2 (Dec. ’83): there’s info on ‘Oblezione’ (Torino), ‘Hyxteria’ (Vittotio Veneto) & ‘Negazione’; there’s also a discussion about punk, ‘Declino’ lyrics & ‘Disorder’ on tour in Italy.


I choose the name and wrote some articles (I remember one about ‘Poison Idea’). We were just a bunch of kids trying to do their best. The magazine was much more ‘Tax’s stuff…

Silvio Bernelli (‘Declino’ & ‘Indigesti’)

The ‘early years’, between 1983 and 1984, were very intense… Every way to express was useful and our need to communicate was a priority. ‘Negazione’ started just some months before, after me and Marco ended our short experience with ‘Anti-Stato’, and ‘Tax’ & Orlando, our first drummer, quit the band ‘5° Braccio’. Disforia was ‘OUR’ fanzine, a circle of friends who wanted to be a part of the punk-galaxy. Issue #0 got out Dec ’82, (for which I didn’t collaborate personally ). I started with #1, that is Disforia’s ‘second life’. I was happy and proud to get involved into this project… The articles talked mainly about ‘social’ situations and self-management in music. Each Italian town had a local scene, with bands or just ‘collectives’ of people expressing themselves. It’s kinda fun to read the last page of issue #1… Disforia distribution sold so many tapes and records for the equivalent of 1€… Vinyl and tapes that are collection-items nowadays, worth hundreds of euros…. Sign of the times!

‘Zazzo’ Guido Sassola

The discussion-piece in #2 was about what is punk and the personal initial approach with it. Involved in the talk, there’s Stefano [Giaccone] and Vanni [Picciuolo] from ‘Franti’. They are a bit older then us and got in touch with the punk-scene coming from a different background. Other points were: compromises in life, self-management of records and of your own life, dealing with mass-media, how having a job impacts your life.

The page with ‘Declino’ has some of their lyrics, the one about ‘Negazione’ (both from #2) contains a statement from us and a text about Osteria di Sacc, a place in Piacenza where several concerts were held. The page (from #1) with L’Incubo Continua [the nightmare continues] contains a review of my compilation-tape and a review of the first EP of ‘Declino’.

Roberto Farano

(Disforia #1)

(Disforia #2)


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  1. Vincent 'Leffe' L. says:

    R.I.P. Marco Mathieu (‘Negazione’ bassplayer).

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