Nekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5)

This is an interview published by the Croatian anarchist/activist Marko Strpic in his zine In Media Res halfway the 90s with bros. Santiago (guitarist) & Federico ‘Fede’ Gómez (vocalist). At that time they were in the Israeli band ‘Nekhei Natzaa’ (brothers Ion & Oded Tal did bass and drums in the beginning). By the end of the century these would turn into ‘Dir Yassin’, a band that toured Europe. They visited me around that time. The anarchist brothers were always outspokenly in favour of the rights of the Palestian people to have their own land/state. The band’s discography includes a 7″ (Renounce Judaism) & LP (Hail The New Regime) on (the American label) Beer City recs (’94 & ’97) and a 7″ (Blue And White Carthage) with recordings from ’97 but released in 2003 on a German label.

Nekhei Natzaa artwork

The Gómez brothers contributed to the book Sober Living For The Revolution. They remain activist in exposing the atrocities of the State of Israel. Check out: Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

Here’s a live show of ‘Nekhei Natzaa’ (“crippled blasphemy”) from 1996 (part 1 & part 2).

Marko Strpic reported on the war in his country at the time. He was one of the people that helped establish the ‘Autonomna Tvornica Kulture‘ (Autonomous Cultural Factory) in Zagreb and some of his writings also ended up in the newsletter published by the Zagreb Anarchist Movement. Like myself, he distributed anarchist literature – nowadays he’s an editor/publisher and runs the bookstore (new & used) called ‘Sto Citas?’ (What Are You Reading?).

Nekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5) aNekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5) bNekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5) cNekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5) dNekhei Natzaa (In Media Res #5) eThe later drummer of the band talks, in Disposable Underground (#33; 2005), about his experiences of being in the Israeli army and the repression against people like them:

Nekhei Natzaa (Disposable Underground #33 2005)

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