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Christophe ‘Stonehenge’ Mora (El Otro Mundo #5)

Carlos Leon Liquete, a correspondent from Valladolid (Spain) did 7 issues of his zine El Otro Mundo (The Other World) from 1996 to 2001. Since I don’t speak Spanish I could never read it but I contributed some of my … Continue reading

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Sam McPheeters (Seen Not Heard #1)

Mel(anie) Gauthier, from Toronto (Canada), spent time with people from the European HC-scene in the early 90s but I think I got this from another fellow zinester… I only know of this one issue of her zine Seen Not Heard. … Continue reading

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Raw Power (Trust #1)

The early issues of Trust, the first big German hardcore fanzine were a collaboration of a bunch of scenesters from the South of Germany: Armin Hofmann (‘Skeezicks’ bassist; ExtremMist tapes, X-Mist recs), Dolf Hermannst├Ądter, Michael ‘Moses’ Arndt (‘Challenger Crew’ vocalist), … Continue reading

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