Seein’Red (Engine #4)

Here’s an interview with a band that I’ve always admired (they unfortunately had to quit), people that I think I can consider friends.  This camaraderie dates from the times they were still performing under the name ‘Lärm‘. The music was a bit different but the people were the same. Definitely Paul (who’s doing the interview here) and me shared a lot of ideas (about DIY, how to ‘organise’ the scene, political ideas, etc.).

The zine Engine was done by a nice fellow, Matt Average, from Los Angeles. He gave attention to interesting bands/people and presented that in an allmost professional way. His graphic/photographic skills contributed to that. We also helped distribute each other zines…

Seein'Red (Engine #4) aSeein'Red (Engine #4) bSeein'Red (Engine #4) cSeein'Red (Engine #4) dSeein'Red (Engine #4) eSeein'Red (Engine #4) fSeein'Red (Engine #4) gSeein'Red (Engine #4) hSeein'Red (Engine #4) i

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