Splatterspleen was the personal zine (perzine) that Amanda Huron (living in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota) did (starting in 1994). I probably got in touch with her at the time I helped distributing records of her band ‘Impetus Inter’ (she was the drummer) and/or when I heard she wanted help to get her zine to more people…

The www mentions #2 (Oct 1994) “showcases articles on punk and gentrification, various feminist perspectives couched in the context of the author’s tour-diary, zine-reviews, discussion about music”. The 3rd & 4th issue are in my collection. #3 (Mar ’95) has a letter-section, columns on fearless girls, ‘mustachioed mujeres’,  Jocelyn Elders, cool old ladies & girls’n’guitars, zine-reviews and various contributions (e.g. building community with Food Not Bombs). #4 (Jun ’95) starts off with recommendations for reading, then there’s more letters, an ‘Impetus Inter’ tour-report, Daisy Rooks talks about dating, a column on sex & celibacy, etc. #5 was done when Amanda moved to Washington D.C.: it “writes about a train-trip to Texas, there’s also some commentary on Los Angeles, info about Amanda’s new band (‘The Divisionaries’), thoughts about androgyny and grammar.”.

Nowadays Amanda teaches (she’s an associate professor of interdisciplinary social sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of the District of Columbia) and authoured a book on “commoning in urban housing and its necessity for challenging economic injustice in our rapidly gentrifying cities”. She also still makes music.  Together with Natalie Avery (‘Fire Party’) – they were also in the band ‘The Stigmatics’ and did the zine Brickthrower ‎together – she founded the community radio-station Radio CPR (that lasted until 2017)…

If I want to know more: read this interview with Amanda from 2019… I also have an interview that appeared in Screams From Inside (1998), if anyone’s interested.


Here’s some representative writings…

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