Report #1

‘Redson’ Edson Pozzi (‘Cólera’ guitarist/vocalist, before in ‘Olho Seco’) and a guy named Pablo from São Paulo did this zine. I know it must be from 1989 because it contains a translation of my critique on ‘Napalm Death’. So it was a few years after my many meetings with Redson and his band when they toured Europe in ’87. Since his and my band (‘Repulsives’) were due to share a split-LP (which failed because the label went bankrupt), we stayed in touch for a few years…

This issue contains a column by Redson, scene-reports on Londrina (a region in the Brasilian province Paraná) & Austria, presentation of the German band ‘Alptraum GmbH’ & the Dutch ‘Bambix’, bits on the No More Censorship campaign & an anti-nuclear march in S.P., reviews and a cartoon entitled ‘Who profits from hunting in Brazil?‘.


I’ve been talking with Pierre & Val (in ‘Cólera’ since the beginning) about this zine. They can’t remember how many issues were made. Judging on the price mentioned on the cover and the value of the currency, it could only have been from 1989. Even Pierre (who, besides being the drummer of the band, was Redson’s brother) doesn’t even remember who Pablo was…

The editorial translates as

Without any delay, here’s Report zine. The intention of our zine is to disclose and inform people in the alternative scene in a qualitative way.

The articles and reports that are not signed by us, do not reflect the opinion of zine but of the people who contributed them.

The next edition of Report zine (I can already tell) will feature reports about the scene in England and Mexico; more gig-reviews (not just in Brazil) and new bands form different countries.

We would really like to thank everyone who helped us do this first issue (THANKS TO):

Martin Pick (Intenelt recs) – André Ribeiro (Toronto) – Ameba (Ataque Epléptico) – Rogério (Zine Utopia) – No More Censorship – Gopo Ulisses – Nunes Paulo (demonstration photos) – União em Defesa das Baleias [Union in Defence of Whales] – Grupo Seiva da Ecologia [Ecology Group] – Brob (Boycott Napalm Death) – César

We woul also like to say hello to the following people (HELLO): Louise (England) – A. Boonz (Death For Profit) – Adam Johnston (Go! zine) – Mau (Garotos Podres) [Rotten Boys] – Bryan Smits (Argentina)

Excuse us a thousant times if we forget someone…


Report zine / Mailbox 8910 / São Paulo – SP 01051 – BRAZIL

As this is the first issue, we’re desperately looking for materials (not Susan)… [Reference to the movie Desperately Seeking Susan (85)] If you’re in a band, send some recordings, a photo, logo, demos, etc. (don’t forget the contact address…) If you’re part of an organisation (pacifist, ecological, anarchist, etc.): send your stuff and contact-address.

If you do a zine send us a copy, mention the price (including postage), frequency and address very clearly. If you do art, comics, writings, drawings or any independent cultural activity, send it to us right away. We’re an independent organisation and rely just on you. We’re also looking for reports on local scenes and concert-reviews (both with pictures, please).

So? What are you waiting for? Write! Now!! REPORT ZINE

Report Zine are:


Renata Lacerda, part of the ‘Cólera Family’

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