Turmoil (Flammable Sheet #2)

If I’m not mistaken Flammable Sheet was only two issues then morphed into another zine. All in all Faisal did 3 fanzines: the first one was a NYHC type zine that covered overseas & local Singaporean HC bands (Fuck Up zine, A5 size, one issue), then Flammable Sheet, then -I think- Homegrown zine (A5 size, 3 issues). The zine after F.S. was heavily influenced by Riot (zine from the UK, by Joe Powell).

Ahmad Syahrin, Asas distro, Malaysia

Faisal Yahu from Singapore did Flammable Sheet. We traded zines back in those days…

‘Turmoil’ (formerly ‘Moribund Youth’) was a band from Istanbul (Turkey) with Taylan/T(a)y Ipek on bass/vocals, Kerim Cönençer on guitar/vocals and Orkun on drums. They never got to play outside of their country… The band did some split-releases, e.g. a 7” with the Belgian ‘Acoustic Grinder’ (on Boezie’s label Grinding Madness) and a split-tape with the Portugese ‘Inkisiçao’ released by Resistance productions (Pablo in Switzerland). The second bassplayer of ‘Turmoil’, Tolga Güldal, did an anarchist zine (called 30%; in Turkish) and in 2007 he wrote a book about Turkish punk.


Tolga and me are mates since we were kids. In ’90-92 he was our #1 supporter when we played as ‘Moribund Youth’. He started to play bass at our rare gigs when the band changed its name to ‘Turmoil’. Afterwards he founded ‘Crunch’ and the last years he was in ‘Haossaa’ (both bands have an album out).

Ty Ipek

Turmoil (Flammable Sheet #2) aTurmoil (Flammable Sheet #2) b

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