Sore Throat (Armed With Anger #1)

After I’d had a beating by the ‘Napalm Death’ guys and published an open letter about that (late 80s), I discovered another guy in England had simlilar experiences: Rich(ard) ‘Militia’ Walker. That created some kind of bond. I eventually got to meet him when his band ‘Sore Throat’ played some gigs here (Poperinge 90-05-27 and Liège 90-05-06). Nick Royles (later Sure Hand recs, How We Rock zine and various bands: ‘No Way Out’, ‘Ironside’, ‘Cracked Cop Skulls’, ‘Unborn’) played drums for them but had left by then. The initial line-up of ‘Sore Throat’ was him, Rich (vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar) and John ‘Doom’ Pickering (bass). Rich has gradually oozed into doom/metal-bands (e.g. ‘Solstice’) and ran his label The Miskatonic Foundation. Nick is playing in a band called ‘Howl’ with his partner Helene Keller.

Rich and Nick (who had also been in ‘Warfear’ together; 90-08-25) are interviewed here when they reformed in 1991. The talk reveals both the humour and the earnestness of the guys. Interviewer is Richard ‘Ron’ Corbridge, an intelligent chap who was active in the Bradford 1in12 scene. Since the 1in12 was fraternized with the Vort’n Vis, he came over quite a few times. We also corresponded and I distributed his zine & some of the records he released on his label (also named Armed With Anger). ‘Ron’ studied political science and lives/works in Canada for War Child Canada (director international programs).

Sore Throat (AWA #1) aSore Throat (AWA #1) bSore Throat (AWA #1) cSore Throat (AWA #1) dSore Throat (AWA #1) eSore Throat (AWA #1) fSore Throat (AWA #1) gSore Throat (AWA #1) hphoto from A.W.A #2:

Sore Throat pic (AWA #2)

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