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Universal Order Of Armageddon (Fenceclimber #2)

Josh MacPhee started studying media and culture at Oberlin College (Ohio). There he did this “politically charged” zine; he was also an activist. After two years he quit school and moved to Washington DC, to help some friends start the … Continue reading

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Theo Witsell (Fucktooth #22)

Theo Witsell, who did Spectacle zine, was interviewed here by his good friend Jen Angel. She did her zine Fucktooth (“one of the first queer punk zines” but so much more than that…) from 1991 to 2000. She wrote about … Continue reading

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Tuomiopäivän Lapset (Mangelslakt #1)

Mangelslakt zine was done by Nick Mangel and Emily/Emilee Chen. Originally they operated from Minneapolis. They also ran a distro named CKT ATTACK Productions. Later Nick moved to Oakland (California), Emily to Sacramento. On the defunct website ( one could … Continue reading

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Donna Dresch (Not Your Bitch #8)

Around the time I finished my mailorder/distribution, this person ‘Jump’ (who now goes by Johnny Atlas) sent me a copy of a zine she did – Not Year Bitch (#8; 1999). She presented herself as a “queer kid who lives … Continue reading

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Wendy-O-Matic (Spectacle #4)

Theo Witsell (Litlle Rock, Arkansas) has a university-degree in ecology & environmental science and works in biodiversity conservation. While still studying he published half-a-dozen issues of the “smart punx’ journal of dissident knowledge”: Spectacle, a respected, thoughtful and widely read … Continue reading

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Born Against (No Answers #10)

Another interview from Kent McClard’s zine No Answers. This one here’s from the last issue of it’s kind (There was a #10.5, which was a half-sized zine that was much more personal.), before he started (March ’94) HeartAttack. N.A. was … Continue reading

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Citizens Arrest (In Memory Of #4)

David Koenig (Linden, New Jersey) did 4 issues of In Memory Of… at the end of the 80s. It started as an info-sheet with mostly flyers and reviews. He also did a few compilation-tapes. The second issues featured a couple … Continue reading

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