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Tribe 8 (Not Your Bitch #7)

I already posted an excerpt from Johnny Atlas’ – at that time Christine or ‘Jump’ – zine: Donna Dresch (Not Your Bitch #8). Below Johnny gives some more info and I asked to contribute the interview with ‘Tribe 8’, a band … Continue reading

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Profane Existence (Assault With Intent To Free #9)

Newt Rayburn started working for the (anarcho-punk; connected to the A.Y.F.) zine Assault With Intent To Free at the time of its fourth issue (March ’88; the first A.W.I.F. came out October ’87, edited by ‘Skull’ Chris Robertson, Tait Graves & … Continue reading

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Prong (News About Noise #3)

Somewhere in the second half of the 80s Kalv Peiper (‘Heresy’s bassist) – who was a fan of ‘Prong’ (even named his next band after one of their records) – asked me if I would be interested in helping out … Continue reading

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Huasipungo (Cryptic Slaughter #6)

I started doing Cryptic Slaughter zine in 1995. The intention was for it to be ponderous collage-type ‘art’, found material and overheard gossip/snatches of conversation (the name comes from this, just something I overheard, people on the porch discussing old … Continue reading

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Neanderthal (Excess #3)

This fanzine was edited by Dave Nathanson, brother of Adam (guitarist of ‘Life’s Blood’, ‘Born Against’ & Young Pioneers; and editor of a few zines). I only have the third issue (most probably got it from Sam McPheeters) and it … Continue reading

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Epicenter Zone (Cutlass #5)

A cutlass is a sort of sword, the kind that sailors/pirates used. Janice Flux had a thing with pirates… Don’t remember how I got in touch with her (Most probably by mediation of someone in San Francisco. Janice was one … Continue reading

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The Mob (Some Hope And Some Despair #4)

Lance Hahn starts off Some Hope And Some Despair #1… This is another zine that Lance Hahn did. (Having done 9 issues of AOK, together with the Hawaii crew in L.A.) He was the singer/songwriter of the fantastic melodic HC/punk … Continue reading

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