DisChord recs (Sold Out #7)

Otto Buj published Sold Out zine (with the help of contributers such as Trent Reeve, Stefan Cieply, Mikey Red). They were from the Windsor area (Ontario, Canada). Otto also put on shows. Their first issues came out in 1987 but I only got to see this #7 (from 1989). Can’t remember who send me this. It looks really professional (with a glossy cover) but unfortunately contains ads I can’t support so I chose not to distribute it (allthough the interviews are more than decent).

Back-issues, as mentioned in the editorial, featured ‘Slapshot’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Blast’, ‘Soulside’ (#4), ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘All’, ‘Verbal Assault’, ‘Token Entry’ (#5) & ‘Scream’, ‘Underdog’, ‘Swiz’, Martin Sprouse, ‘Half Off’, ‘Final Conflict’ (#6); and a next issue was supposed to have ‘Fire Party’ and more. Also saw a cover of #9 (including ‘Bad Brains’)…

Otto also announced a new publication (Grand Guignol) devoted to contemporary culture. He became a film-maker and established/programmed the Kinotek Film Society (respected showcase that screened rarely-seen foreign and independent films, 1991 to 1997). He curated Representing Cinema and the Art of the Film Poster, an exhibition of rare and original film-posters from his personal collection. In 2004 he completed his first feature-length film: The Eternal Present.


I started Sold Out fanzine with my friend Otto. I named it after a song by ‘Gang Green’. Otto booked bands in our small city of Windsor. Directly across the river from Detroit, Michigan. I decided to start a fanzine in a way of adding to a Windsor punk scene. The zine would be a way to interview the bands booked to play Windsor and also bands playing Detroit. Otto and I both did the zine’s layout, photos and record-reviews along with a few close friends.The zine started at my family-home. I think we were both 17 at the time. It was later done on a computer when Otto attended university. We stood outside Detroit punk-shows and sold the zine. It was also sold by mailorder, reviewed in Maximim Rock’n’Roll and Flipside and later distributed. I think the zine ran from 1986-1990. I moved away in 1989 and had no involvement in the final couple issues. I now live on the west coast of Canada and Otto still lives in Windsor. I have only seen Otto once or twice since 1989. I understand he’s not on social media. He recently made a film about the early Detroit punk scene and the venue known as the Freezer Theater. This is where many bands played their early shows in Detroit. The film will be released soon.

Trent Reeve

I’m reprinting the interview with DisChord recs’ Ian MacKaye here. People might remember I fell out with him soon after the first European tour ‘Fugazi’ (when we did a show for them with Smurfpunx), because of his/the band’s choice to deal with commercial promoters. But no need to re-hash that here…

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