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Facedown (Babylon Will Fall #1)

I got to know Ronnie Tack (originally from Bergen-op-Zoom, The Netherlands) when he was hanging around in the Ghent anarchist and squat-scene. He did this zine together with his mate ‘Beanie’ (Joris). The first issue had interviews (with the bands … Continue reading

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Pandemonium (Piss Off #9)

‘Matski’ Mat Aerts (Limbabwe tapes/recs; Venlo, The Netherlands) did this with help of Peter Janssen (‘Pandemonium’ bassist), I read. I’d never heard/read about it until Dirk Ceustermans dug it up from his collection… This issue contained a scene-report about Venlo … Continue reading

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Nog Watt (De Minima #2)

Amsterdam based zine by Edwin Feenstra (later Wicked Witch recs), André Wehl & Hanz/Hans Vermaas. My mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed me his copy of #2. This one includes the bands ‘Strong Concentration Of Anger’, ‘Disgust’ & ‘Nog Watt’ and gig/zine/music-reviews. … Continue reading

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Gorilla Biscuits (Connection X #3)

Connection X was a straight-edge, “socialist” fanzine edited by 2 members of ‘Feeding The Fire’ – Roger ‘NBH’ (‘Nothing But Human’; bass) and Rob Franssen (vocals). They were from Kerkrade, The Netherlands. I believe they did 4 issues in total… … Continue reading

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H.H.H. (Chaos Kreator #1)

This was a hardcore/punk fanzine done by Siebe Douma (Harlingen, The Netherlands). Before that he did 2 issues of another one entitled Total Insanity. He also distributed some tapes (demos and live) under the name Extend Youth tapes. Can’t remember … Continue reading

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Outrage (Slaves Of Mainstream #2)

I met Roy Meijnen (from Winterswijk, studied in Wageningen) at a few shows in Belgium. He was a kid that hung around with the Once So Close crew (Inge den Brok & Ralf Vergeldt), distributed stuff and set up some … Continue reading

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Man Is The Bastard (Drops In The Ocean #2)

Drops In The Ocean was done by Roger ‘NBH’ (‘Nothing But Human’) who used to play the bass for the socialist sXe band ‘Feeding The Fire’ (and also ‘Point Of No Return’). Before this one here, he did Connection X … Continue reading

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