Avail (Tadpole #3)

‘Avail’ from Richmond (Virginia) – when touring Europe for the first time (in ’95) – were: ‘Beau’ Beau Butler (cheerleader/dancer), Joe Banks (guitar), Tim Barry (vocals), Erik Larson (drums) and Rob(ert) Kelshian (bass; ex ‘Ipecac’). They played at the Vort’n Vis in that line-up (95-06-18). The band released their first LP, Satiate, on Catheter-Assembly recs in 1992. It was re-issued on Old Glory recs (who also released Live At The King’s Head Inn) and on CD by LookOut! Recs, in 1994. C-A also put out the Attempt To Regress EP (recorded in ’92). They also put out the Dixie CD after that… 4AM Friday was recorded with Rob on bass (LookOut! ’96). The later records were with bassist Justin ‘Gwomper’ Burdick.

This interview here was done by Pete ‘Zonked!’ Craven (Who did Ventilate zine, and now Zonked) during the UK leg of their second European tour (1996). Am I being unfair to state that my feeling of the band (or is just Beau) being not all that progressive and quite flirtatious towards Dixie/Confederate States/’southern mentality’ is somewhat confirmed here? Great music but not enough critical sense and political activism, it would seem…

The zine was done by Darren Bourne from Brighton (UK), where Vique ‘Simba’ Martin used to live. Either she send it to me or she told the guy doing it to mail me a copy for possible distribution… This is the only issue I have. It has interviews with ‘Marker’, ‘Avail’, ‘Iron Monkey’, ‘Los Crudos’, etc. and ads, classifieds, reviews & some neato pictures.


Tadpole zine was a bit of fun, I was in my early 20s (around the mid 90s) and I just wanted to contribute something to the scene: a few interviews, some bad record-reviews and some really good photos (in my opinion). It was a good way of keeping in touch with people as back then you’ld send a zine & a letter in the mail and possibly get a letter back. There may have only been 3 issues but I had interviews with ‘Los Crudos’, ‘Avail’, ‘Symptom Of Isaac’, ‘Iron Monkey’ (not the best ever) and ‘Undone’; to name but a few…

Many years later on I still like the slogan A Network Of Friends, run Tadpole recs to help out local bands & mates’ bands (and a few Japanese), and have my Tadpole recs YouTube channel where I share music I like. I still love supporting the scene, checking out new bands and of course buying the records. Tadpole zine may not be the best zine that ever came out in the 90s but it was definitely the start of something for me, something that’ll stay with me till the very end.

Darren Bourne


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