Jen Angel (Screams From Inside #7)

SFI #7 coverDon’t know if my interviews with Women in HardCore Punk (interview Tilt! #8) inspired her but my matey Carissa Van Den Berk, the girl with the Dutch ancestry, dedicated a whole issue of her zine Screams From Inside to ‘punk girls’. In her former issues she had already shown her analytical/observational skills, critical attitude and insight. All this accumulates in this issue again but little did we know then that she would become a professional author (e.g. Yours For The Revolution) and an academic…

I probably go to know about Jen Angel’s zine Fucktooth because we both contributed to Theo Witsell’s zine Spectacle and/or he plugged her work. Glad to have ran into such an intelligent, eloquent, erudite woman and been able to get people over here acquainted with her writings. Besides Fucktooth she also edited a few Zine Yearbooks and after a passage as editor at Maximum Rock’n’Roll in San Francisco (and working for Punks With Presses), she returned to Ohio for a while to start Clamor mag (with Jason Kucsma). Nowadays she’s back in the Bay Area where she runs her own business (making cupcakes) and works for a booking and publicity agency… (read more on

Jen Angel (SFI #7) aJen Angel (SFI #7) bJen Angel (SFI #7) c

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