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Soulside (Deadbeat #1)

In the summer of 1987 I visited my mates of ‘Ripcord’ and they took me to Bristol (where I witnessed ‘Chaos UK’ rehearse, met Tim of C.O.R. recs, Bear Hackenbush who was doing Skate Muties Of the 5th Dimension and … Continue reading

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Ramsey Kanaan – AK Press (Noise Fest #2)

Noise Fest was done by Chris Banks from Bradford. I know of 4 issues; in 1994 he started a new zine called Aversion. N.F. contained decent interviews (not just bands), pamphlets, reports & reviews (music, zines, books). If I remember … Continue reading

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Chris – Borderless Countries Tapes (One World #5)

No idea how I obtained this fanzine from the other side of the world, probably a correspondent sent it to me a few years after it got out… One World was done by a guy named Neil Cartwright from Auckland, … Continue reading

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Uniform Choice (No Loitering #6)

Talking of straight-edge people usually refer to ‘Minor Threat’ and ‘Youth Of Today’ but ‘Uniform Choice’ (with anthems such as Straight And Alert or Screaming For Change) were at least equally important. Myself, I also wore their T-shirt (yes there’s … Continue reading

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