Ceresit (Graffiti #2)

This is a contribution by Steven ‘Stel’ R. Graffiti zine was done by Markus Staiger (Donzdorf, Germany) who would found Nuclear Blast recs. Never seen issues of Graffiti but later got a copy of another one (Message From The Gutter) that he contributed to. This one here dates from 1985 and in the editorial there’s mention of the distribution of (punk) records – Core distribution. The first issue was with ‘M.D.C.’, ‘D.O.A.’, ‘Mottek’, ‘Upright Citizens’, ‘Inferno’, etc. ; #3 got out in June ’85 and apparently there were 5 issues in total.

At its foundation (in 1987) there were already hints that N.B. would drift away from DIY HC/punk. Now it’s a mainstream commercial (multinational) metal label…

My own band played a Smurfpunx gig with ‘Ceresit’ (from Berlin) on 86-12-19. They had already omitted the ’81’ by then. This info-sheet dates from before that (a time when they had changed their line-up and before the recording of their album Three Gallows)…

[Translation below]

‘CERESIT 81’ has been around since December ‘81. Back then ‘Jeusel’ (drums), Daniel [Hansch] (bass), Marcus [Renner] (synths) and Marcel [Fery] (guitar + vocals) were playing. Since ‘Jeusel’ couldn’t really follow our tempo, he was replaced and Ralf [Herrmann] began handling the sticks. ‘Skunky’ then joined the band as second guitarist and off we went to concerts with several German punk bands. But after some time, the existing 5 chords got a bit boring, so we decided to play somewhat more sophisticated and harder. Since ‘Skunky’ preferred to stick to her ‘D.R.I.’ style, Sven joined as second guitarist in October ‘84. ‘Skunky’ is now playing for ‘SM-70’ (some promotion for them, they also need it). The music, as said before, became more melodic, harder and more complicated. Ralf wants to try double-bass drums. We will see. The lyrics should also be more sophisticated. With our lyrics we want to try to encourage people a bit to think about their situation and themselves. That is, we don’t just want to scream ‘destroy and fuck’ but to say something more positive and encourage people to take meaningful actions so that they do something constructive. It doesn’t do any good if you soak your brain every weekend, scream anarchy and go back to work on Mondays. That doesn’t change anything. But we have to emphasize that we don’t refuse alcohol: we also drink, but you shouldn’t try to create total shit, like e.g. some hardcores who took apart a youthcentre where cocnerts could have taken place. We see alcohol as a means to create a good mood but that certainly also works without alcohol. This is also expressed in our drink- and mood-songs. There has to be fun, otherwise you could hang yourself right away. “Let’s have more fun!” Concerning bands we like: there’s ‘Toxic Reasons’, ‘Youth Brigade’, ‘Slayer’, ‘Accept’, ‘Varukers’, ‘Slime’, ‘English Dogs’. Anyone who knows how to get us gigs in the West should definitely write us!!! We want to do a tour in April. So please write!!! People can listen to our music on several tape-compilations and so on. E.g. on 7 After 77 [1983] on 007 Tapes with ‘Toxo[plasma]’, ‘Razzia’, etc. Also on Noise Attack 1, The Great World Swindle, Underground Sound 004 and more. We also have 3 tracks on the first and second [Let’s Have] More Fun compilations. Also with ‘Boikottz’, ‘ST-37’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Rotting Krackers’, etc. There’s also our demo-tape with 4-track recordings on one side and live pieces on the second. A total of 36 titles. All this is on a BASF Chromdioxid II, 90 minutes, + all lyrics. Costs 5 DM + postage. It’s really quite good. I don’t know what more to say. Bye. Marcel

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