Instigators (Polka Slam #2)

Polka Slam was edited by Mark Pycraft. This one was a split with Crisispoint #3 (Steve Cotton). The joint effort also resulted in a compilation-7″ on on Steve’s label Sisters Of Percy recs. I’ve seen no other issues of P.S.; besides the interview below, it contained an interview with ‘Bolt Thrower’, a variety of columns (e.g. on Garry Bushell by ‘Chumbawamba’s Boffo, about uniformity by Sim ‘Revulsion’, etc.) and reviews (comics/records/gigs).

The interview with ‘Instigators’ was done right before they embarked on the UK arm of their tour with ‘Sink’ (September ’88). The ‘continental’ part brought them also to Belgium (89-03-19, Hoogstraten). At that time the ‘usual suspects’ (Steve Curran, Simon Mooney & Bob Gorlik – who recorded the Shotgun album in June ’88) had ‘taken a break’ and Andy ‘Tez’ Turner toured with bassist Steve Phillips, drummer Phil Nightingale and guitarist John McAleese. On May 15th 1988 they played live on air at the studios of BBC Radio Leeds with drummer Colin Soloway (released as the mini-album Recovery Session on Andy’s label Full Circle)…

 Instigators (Polka Slam #2) aInstigators (Polka Slam #2) bInstigators (Polka Slam #2) cInstigators (Polka Slam #2) dInstigators (Polka Slam #2) eInstigators (Polka Slam #2) fInstigators (Polka Slam #2) gInstigators (Polka Slam #2) h

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