Bambix (Anti #4)

Bambix logo‘Bambix’ seems to have been around forever. But the band as it is today, doesn’t really resemble the one which I got to know originally somewhere halfway the 80s. The line-up back in those days was 3 super-energetic young women from the Nijmegen area in The Netherlands: Maniet ‘Petiet’ Voets (bass), Nat(halie) Delisse (guitar) & ‘DeWilde’/’Wick’ Willia van Houdt (drums/vocals). They played in Belgium quite a few times. Our Smurfpunx collective did 2 shows for them (88-03-13 & 89-01-04), they also played at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre (93-09-18) and in between they popped up at several gigs in our little country (even when they didn’t perform themselves).

They played a tuneful, melodic brand of HC/punkrock with great vocals/chorusses. Dewilde played drums and sang originally. Just listen to their debut-7” (They Even Took The Memory)! The CD Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking was the last one they recorded with the orginal line-up (‘92). In 1993 first Nat and then later Maniet left; ‘Wick’ went on with other people. The line-up changed quite a few times (For their second album Crossing Common Borders, Wick switched from drums to guitar and Beer Delsman started drumming. Wick informs that the 3rd, Leitmotiv, was still with Maniet, and with Peter Dragt on drums. Etc.). Nowadays Willia is the front-woman, still singing and playing guitar. They play/tour a lot, all over the world (even Latin-America). Check out

In ’99 Wick gathered material for a compilation-album (Girls Kick Ass; benefit for Enda Bolivia, an organisation who runs a women’s shelter in Bolivia) with female punk-bands only; and obviously she keeps the band going, while raising her son. Maniet is a graphic artist ( and so is Nat ( The latter has recently re-gained interest in documenting the early days of the band…

Bambix (1st gig 1987)‘Bambix’ first ever gig, in 1987

The original trio was interviewed regularly (an all-women HC/punk band was still rather rare those days). Going through my archives I found quite a few but none that were representative of their full potential, so I asked the ladies if they had some. ‘Wick’ put me in touch with someone (Reymond ‘Reypeace’ Bravo) who was doing a zine in the 80/90s in The Philippines, called Anti. I never read or distributed a lot of Asian zines, hence didn’t know it, so I got in touch but since he’s living in Dubai nowadays, his friend Jeff Peligro of Konspira zine gladly scanned it for me. It’s from their 4th issue. Here it is!

Bambix (Anti #4) aBambix (Anti #4) bBambix (Anti #4) cBambix (Anti #4) dBambix (Anti #4) e

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