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Tuomiopäivän Lapset (Mangelslakt #1)

Mangelslakt zine was done by Nick Mangel and Emily/Emilee Chen. Originally they operated from Minneapolis. They also ran a distro named CKF ATTACK Productions. Later Nick moved to Oakland (California), Emily to Sacramento. On the defunct website ( one could … Continue reading

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Subcaos (Recognize No Authority #1)

Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (from Lisbon) finished this issue (together with ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias) of his zine Recognize No Authority in February 1993. Besides the interview below it contained talks with ‘Corrosão Caótica’, ‘Inkisiçao’, ‘Disrupt’, ‘Embittered’, ‘Subway Arts’, ‘Agathocles’; bits on animal-rights/hunting, … Continue reading

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