Disaffect (Attitude Problem #26)

No HC/punk overview would be complete without mentioning ‘Disaffect’. This friendly bunch of Glaswegians rejoiced us with their music several times. It was always a pleasure meeting them and I guess I can still call some of them mates…

This interview proves they had their heads screwed on the right way. Even though it tackles items that might be seem a bit outdated, it captures the spirit of that era quite well.

‘Disaffect’ were also known for their standpoint against ‘violent dancing’.

Attitude Problem was done by Steve Hyland from Colchester. A very dedicated and active person in the scene. He also ran A Network Of Friends distro and was (still is) a volunteer at the 1 in 12 in Bradford. Amongst other things he does Means To An End festival…

Disaffect (Attitude Problem #26) aDisaffect (Attitude Problem #26) bDisaffect (Attitude Problem #26) cDisaffect (Attitude Problem #26) dDisaffect (Attitude Problem #26) e

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