Embittered (No Sanctuary #6)

An interview with a band of 2 correspondents of mine (the vocalists Brian Puplett and Anthony Palmer). The first had been sending me a demo of his former band ‘Catharsis’ (the British not the US!) before. The latter also did zines (Dingo Baby, Duhhh, …) – we ditributed each others’. The rest of ‘Embittered’ (who were from Middlesbrough) were – at the time of this interview – bassist ‘Ash’ (Ashley Quinn), drummer ‘Mac’ and Gary ‘Gus’ Raine (guitar; who did stints for ‘Hellkrusher’ & ‘Dirt’). People might have heard them on the split-7″ with ‘Hiatus’ (Desperate Attempt recs) but they did more vinyl (e.g. a split-LP with – Anth’s mates – ‘Dystopia’)…

‘No Sanctuary’ was done by Pablo ‘The Prophet’ (never knew his last name), with the help of his partner (at that time) Lara, Samy ‘Soyhead’ Schneider and Fritze. They were part of the Biel/Bienne punk-scene. The zine contained tons of info (reviews, reports, letters, columns) but there weren’t that many interviews. Pablo and myself corresponded heavily (I also distributed his zines – this one and the ones he did before and after that). I thought we never got to meet ’cause the gig that was planned for his band (‘Earth Citizens‘) got cancelled but Pablo reminds me >>Indeed the gig in Ieper was cancelled but we played in Sliedrecht instead. We came back to sleep at Bruno’s room (well me in the bus!) in Gent and I’m pretty sure we came to see you before heading to Terneuzen later that day! We stayed in your appartment for an hour or two…<<.

Embittered (NS #6) aEmbittered (NS #6) bEmbittered (NS #6) c————————-

Funny thing is that Pablo numbered the issues of No Sanctuary counting-down…

Brob in (NS #5) jul 92

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