Ultimo Resorte (Ausencia De Escarabajos #1)

Ausencia De Escarabajos (“absence of scarab beetles”) was done by Javier Remón (from Madrid). Before that, he was linked to Penetración fanzine.

Dirk Ceustermans gave me this 1st issue (1983-84). It’s written in English (didn’t/doesn’t happen often in Spain) and contains interviews with Spanish bands ‘Interterror’, ‘Slips Y Sperma’, ‘O.X. Pow’, ‘Escorbuto Crónico’, ‘R.I.P.’ and the one below with ‘Ultimo Resorte’. I have no other info on this zine but as one can read in the editorial, the guy was critical about commericalism in the HC/punk-scene. No idea if there were more issues…?

‘Ultimo Resorte’ was a punk band from Barcelona with Silvia Escario (vocals), Juan(ito) R. Ferrando (bass), ‘Strong’ Juan Antonio Recio (guitar; replaced by Marc ‘Goofy’ Viaplana), Javier (drums; replaced by the orginal drummer Miguel ‘Mike’ Coll) and Rosa Artesero Sánchez (keyboards; R.I.P.). Interview from the early 80s…

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1 Response to Ultimo Resorte (Ausencia De Escarabajos #1)

  1. Hi, I’m Silvia Escario, ex-singer of ‘Ultimo Resorte’.
    I don’t know if because I’m a punk I’m a better person, or I’m a better person for being punk.
    But punk made me believe in myself, and distrust television news. More than a hundred times I have been able to see that television was lying or favouring the system. That’s why there’s a song dedicated to the Glándula Anarcha [anarchist gland] on the new vinyl of my current band, ‘Algo Toxico‘, because it’s amazing that school-books don’t talk about it.
    The song La Penumbra [The Darkness] deals with the case of as a young woman who was imprisoned, being completely innocent, she committed suicide but the affair was covered up by the mayor of Barcelona.
    I don’t need to express myself in English in my songs. From the beginning punk was international and it’s very interesting to hear punk in different languages, in French, in Italian, in German, … With punk everything is possible, punk is diversity. Punk is a way to save the world from its own absurdity, using this absurdity as a tool. That’s why punk is a way of making Dada music.
    Now that humankind is about to disappear, along with thousands of other species, I can only say…
    Happy end of the world cockroaches!

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