Jon ‘Active’ Elliott (No Barcodes Necessary #6)

An interview with a man (Jon Elliott) I wanted to interview myself, in a zine by a guy (Mel Hughes) who interviewed me and my friends. Mel and me had our (slight) differences but we respected one and other and realised we had much more in common than we thought…

Also Jon and myself weren’t exact copies either (luckily) but I consider him a friend. His flat was my home when I was in London, we cycled through the city together (me trying to keep up with him), we had great vegan food at this Indian “all you can eat for £ 3” place that he knew so well, etc. But more importantly: he was the guy that provided me with loads of interesting radical literature, helped shape my political consciousness and encouraged me to go on in the new direction I’d taken with my distribution at that time. Cheers mate!

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Active Distr (NBN #6) aActive Distr (NBN #6) bActive Distr (NBN #6) c

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