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Gehenna (Apocalypse Now #1)

  I have some artwork/drafts of  Raf Peeters (Gooreind, north of Antwerp) that was to meant for a zine. Can’t remember why I never got to see the actual publication… It was announced as follows: “For all you a-political dicks, … Continue reading

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Point Of No Return (Co-Existence #16)

Laurent ‘Veglam’ Chopard & Olivier Bresson, from the Besançon (France) area did this zine. Laurent drummed in a few bands (e.g. the emo outfit ‘Sapo’) and ran the label Coexistence Obscure; Olivier sang for the HC band ‘Existence’. Brob Olivier … Continue reading

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No Way Out (Full Stop #2)

The editor of this fanzine was Barry (Moody?), a straight-edger from Huddersfield (UK). I probably got this issue for review/possible distribution or bought it from another distro… It mostly contained bands and reviews. #1: Gorilla Biscuits, Think Twice, Steadfast. #2: … Continue reading

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X-Acto (Consider #3)

Even Skår from Nærbø (Norway) – drummer of bands such as ‘Kids Like Us’, ‘Damage Control’, etc.; nowadays ‘Modern Love’ – did this zine. He sent me a copy of #3 for possible distribution, if I remember well… It had … Continue reading

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Gorilla Biscuits (Connection X #3)

Connection X was a straight-edge, “socialist” fanzine edited by 2 members of ‘Feeding The Fire’ – Roger ‘NBH’ (‘Nothing But Human’; bass) and Rob Franssen (vocals). They were from Kerkrade, The Netherlands. I believe they did 4 issues in total… … Continue reading

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Spawn (Clear Perception #1)

Chris(topher) Meadows (who lived in the Liverpool area) did this straight-edge vegan zine. He was also the drummer for ‘Unborn’ and the vocalist of ‘Withdrawn’, etc. He sent/gave me his first issue (1993). It had interviews with ‘Unbroken’, ‘Spawn’ & … Continue reading

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Vuur (My Dreams… #2)

Around the turn of the century Tilt! mailorder/distribution (already focussing more and more on zines, pamphlets and radical literature) got support/practical aid from the younger generation (Roberto, Bartje & Tijs). It must’ve been at that time that Julien Vanderhaeghen (a … Continue reading

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