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Lebensreform (Union Of Individuals)

This zine is a merge/split of 2 existing European zines: Blind (Jan Baumüller, Mainz, Germany) and Potential Friend (Philippe Tuffet, Bordeaux suburb, France). The language used is English (for both not their mother-tongue). It’s dubbed a “youth-crew anniversary issue” and … Continue reading

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Policy Of Three (Rejkt Communication #1)

This zine was probably a trade of a free copy for possible distribution. Or perhaps a donation from a friend/band in the area. It was edited by James Ingrassia from Roanoke, Virginia. This issue (#1) had interviews with ‘Policy Of … Continue reading

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Youth Of Today (Colt Turkey #1)

Michiel Bakker’s zine Hardcore Globally has received attention here… In 1988-89 he also did Colt Turkey (under the moniker Mr Proper), with the help of ‘Burt’ Bart Griffioen. This first (and only) issue is based on Michiel’s writings (militant/tongue-in-cheek sXe) … Continue reading

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Indigesti (Hardcore Globally #1)

Michiel Bakker (the later singer for ‘Man Lifting Banner’) seems to have been the main man of this zine. The editorial mentions also Eric ‘Vonx’ Vonk, Marcel Schilpzand (also Nooit Meer zine) & Erik ‘Waterkannetje’ Teunissen. Their HQ was in … Continue reading

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Face First (Mount The Purple Sceptre #1)

The editor of this zine was Glenn Salter (from Mississauga, Ontario). He was also the guitarist of ‘Death Of Gods’ & after that ‘More Stupid Initials’ (‘M.S.I.’; with ‘Sons Of Ishmael’s Paul Morris)… Some of his friends (e.g. Steve Perry; … Continue reading

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Yann Boislève (Embrace #3)

Saha Hensem from Kluang, Johor (Malaysia) did this zine. I believe there were 8 (?) issues of Embrace (1997 to 2002). He also did some newsletters (entitled Hardcore; 1997 to 1999, #1 to #5). Tijs S. has a few copies … Continue reading

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Profax (Silent Majority #1)

Work, family and a nice and long fall season in the Swiss mountains distracted me from writing this up. Actually, that was also the reason why 15 years ago I started to disengage step by step from the hardcore scene. … Continue reading

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Headache (La Verdad Jode #0)

La Verdad Jode (“the truth hurts”) #0 was a one-off by veganist and straight-edger Carlos García, the bassist of Gijón-based hardcore band ‘Strangis Guajes’ (for which my mate ‘Uge’ Eugenio García Escudero played guitar). He was involved in the C.S.A. … Continue reading

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Facedown (Babylon Will Fall #1)

I got to know Ronnie Tack (originally from Bergen-op-Zoom, The Netherlands) when he was hanging around in the Ghent anarchist and squat-scene. He did this zine together with his mate ‘Beanie’ (Joris). The first issue had interviews (with the bands … Continue reading

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Justice League (The Leading Edge #3)

artwork by Jason Traeger Pat Weakland & Martin Sprouse This zine was done by Martin Sprouse (San Diego), together with his mates Pat Weakland & Jason Traeger. The first issue of this “very influential positive/edge zine” got out in 1983. … Continue reading

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