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GOD (Antidoto #2)

Before Reptil (a zine that started in 1990), ‘Boliche’ (the drummer of ‘Subterranean Kids’, Barcelona) did Antidoto (1988-90). I’d never seen any of them (‘no hablo español‘) until they surfaced on the www (thx to Luis A.)… #1 (March ’88) … Continue reading

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Product X (It’s Not Just Boys Fun #1)

The person that introcuced me to this zine and its editor (Elena Stöhr) was probably Lieve Goemaere of Ugly Duckling zine. Elena might have contacted me for distribution. She was still a teen then, if I remember well. The young … Continue reading

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So Much Hate (Sct. Peters Engle #5)

Sct. Peters Engle [Saint Peter’s Angels] was done by Marie Molin (from Højbjerg/Odense, Denmark). Her second issue was dubbed the first Danish zine in English (co-editor was Svend-Erik ‘Svenne’ Jepsen a.k.a. Wanker, R.I.P.). I never saw the first ones but … Continue reading

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Neanderthal (Excess #3)

This fanzine was edited by Dave Nathanson, brother of Adam (guitarist of ‘Life’s Blood’, ‘Born Against’ & Young Pioneers; and editor of a few zines). I only have the third issue (most probably got it from Sam McPheeters) and it … Continue reading

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Xpozez (Boel #2)

Stijn Persoons (drummer of ‘A-Strant’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Kosjer D’, ‘Smäris’; at that time nicknamed Ollivettie Stront) – who had done another zine entitled Leugen En Verraad (“lies and treason”; more of an anarcho zine) before (with some other people) … Continue reading

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Defiance (Broken Vision #2)

If I’m not mistaken, the editor of Broken Vision is the vocalist in ‘Hellexist’. It had a few issues I think but I only read the first one. It focussed on anarcho-peace-punk/crust and was inspired by Profane Existence. The interviews … Continue reading

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Earth Citizens (Papermouth #1)

Halfway the 90s I corresponded with and met (at a Vort’n Vis festival in 1994) Tomaž Trplan (from Murska Sobota in north-east Slovenia), an intelligent young lad who did this zine. One of his editorials goes: “Papermouth is meant to … Continue reading

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