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Analena (Beatless #3)

Beatless was the zine done by Ivan Jakič (from Zagreb, Croatia). Never seen (let alone read) it until I found this bit here and Ivan was kind enough to inform me about it. Apparently he was in several bands and … Continue reading

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M.S.T. (Hemorroids #1)

Hemorroids was a zine from France done by 2 guys (Christophe Chojna & Stéphane Ll.) from just across the border (Valenciennes/Lille, France). Stéphane was friends with the guys from ‘Scraps’ and visited gigs in Belgium from time to time. He … Continue reading

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DisChord recs (Sold Out #7)

Otto Buj published Sold Out zine (with the help of contributers such as Trent Reeve, Stefan Cieply, Mikey Red). They were from the Windsor area (Ontario, Canada). Otto also put on shows. Their first issues came out in 1987 but … Continue reading

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Ratos De Porão (Chickenfoot #1)

This hardcore zine was done  by a correspondent of mine at the time: Cesar Campiani Maximiano from São Paulo (Brasil). He studied history and was particularly interested in WW2: he ended up writing books about it (e.g. Brazilian Expeditionary Force in … Continue reading

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Huasipungo (Cryptic Slaughter #6)

I started doing Cryptic Slaughter zine in 1995. The intention was for it to be ponderous collage-type ‘art’, found material and overheard gossip/snatches of conversation (the name comes from this, just something I overheard, people on the porch discussing old … Continue reading

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Ceresit (Graffiti #2)

This is a contribution by Steven ‘Stel’ R. Graffiti zine was done by Markus Staiger (Donzdorf, Germany) who would found Nuclear Blast recs. Never seen issues of Graffiti but later got a copy of another one (Message From The Gutter) … Continue reading

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The Inapt (Macht Van De Onmacht #5)

At a certain timepoint some people from the Brussels’ region got together to cooperate. By then Onno Hesselink had done 4 issues of his zine Peace Or Annihilation, Erik Van Der Veken had 3 issues of Macht Van De Onmacht … Continue reading

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