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Jeetje Mina (Het Blad Van Eduard #1)

Ron(ny) Goris, from Nieuwegein (near Utrecht) joined the band ‘Laitz‘ as vocalist in the spring of ’84. He did this zine together with 2 others: Joep van Liefland – bassist of ‘Laitz’ & a guy called Rob. The title translates … Continue reading

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Anti-Dogmatikss (Penetración #6)

“Their power lies in our misery – We don’t need them!!!” *** This was the “first anarchopunk fanzine” in Madrid, edited by Alberto Eiriz – “pioneer regarding the incorporation of the discourse and aesthetics of ‘Crass’ into punk of his … Continue reading

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Memento Mori (Extreme Derange #1)

This zine took off (Oct ’88) with Horst & Norbert Glatz (Regensburg, Bavaria) at the helm. Half a year later Norbert seemed to have disappeared and Waltraut Wette (with whom Horst ran Scum distribution; that also carried my zine) helped … Continue reading

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Lebensreform (Union Of Individuals)

This zine is a merge/split of 2 existing European zines: Blind (Jan Baumüller, Mainz, Germany) and Potential Friend (Philippe Tuffet, Bordeaux suburb, France). The language used is English (for both not their mother-tongue). It’s dubbed a “youth-crew anniversary issue” and … Continue reading

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Rattus (Manic #4)

After the ‘Ripcord’ tour that I organised (‘Napalm Death’ tagged along), I went to visit John & Baz in Weston-super-Mare (July ’87). One day Baz took us to the St.Paul’s squat (home of ‘Chaos UK’) in Bristol. The band was … Continue reading

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Policy Of Three (Rejkt Communication #1)

This zine was probably a trade of a free copy for possible distribution. Or perhaps a donation from a friend/band in the area. It was edited by James Ingrassia from Roanoke, Virginia. This issue (#1) had interviews with ‘Policy Of … Continue reading

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No Lip (Arrrrrrrgh! #4)

Göran Lind from Skänninge (halfway between Göteborg & Stockholm), the vocalist of ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ put this together. I only find #3 & 4 in my collection. No idea how I got them… Brob The story of Arrrrrrrgh! is very … Continue reading

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Youth Of Today (Colt Turkey #1)

Michiel Bakker’s zine Hardcore Globally has received attention here… In 1988-89 he also did Colt Turkey (under the moniker Mr Proper), with the help of ‘Burt’ Bart Griffioen. This first (and only) issue is based on Michiel’s writings (militant/tongue-in-cheek sXe) … Continue reading

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Jingo De Lunch (Hole And Corner #1)

This zine (in German) was started by 2 guys from Reinfeld (between Hamburg en Lübeck): Timmo Lübkert & Nils Röhling. Both were in a band called ‘Suppe Ohne Möhre’ (‘S.O.M.’; “soup without carrots”). Can’t remember how I obtained this first … Continue reading

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Splatterspleen was the personal zine (perzine) that Amanda Huron (living in St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota) did (starting in 1994). I probably got in touch with her at the time I helped distributing records of her band ‘Impetus Inter’ (she was the … Continue reading

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