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Stront Des Vaderlands

The subtitle reads ‘a mag for fresh teenagers’… (The title can be translated as ‘shit from the homeland’.) I believe there’s only been one issue. It was edited by two young women from Overpelt, inspired by the ‘Pelter’ (Overpelt & … Continue reading

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Epicenter Zone (Cutlass #5)

A cutlass is a sort of sword, the kind that sailors/pirates used. Janice Flux had a thing with pirates… Don’t remember how I got in touch with her (Most probably by mediation of someone in San Francisco. Janice was one … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste (Femzine #2)

After I got to know that Dena (or Deanna) had done a zine by herself before Suicide? No! Murder (when she was residing in London), Peter Ross (who used to do Murder By Guitar zine in the 80s) informed me he had a … Continue reading

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A piss-taking guide to Melbourne punk types from Woozy #1, 1992 Sometime in the second half of the 90s I got in touch with Iain McIntyre of Choozy, an independent distribution for music, fanzines and small publications (1996-2002) that had grown out … Continue reading

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Outrage (Slaves Of Mainstream #2)

I met Roy Meijnen (from Winterswijk, studied in Wageningen) at a few shows in Belgium. He was a kid that hung around with the Once So Close crew (Inge den Brok & Ralf Vergeldt), distributed stuff and set up some … Continue reading

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The Mob (Some Hope And Some Despair #4)

Lance Hahn starts off Some Hope And Some Despair #1… This is another zine that Lance Hahn did. (Having done 9 issues of AOK, together with the Hawaii crew in L.A.) He was the singer/songwriter of the fantastic melodic HC/punk … Continue reading

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Victims Family (Tambores De Guerra #3)

My mate ‘Boliche’ (‘Subterranean Kids’ drummer) suggested me this zine, Tambores De Guerra (Drum-mer-s Of War) well after it ceased to exist. I never saw it, let alone read it. He told me it was done by a woman called … Continue reading

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