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Nations On Fire (Confrontation #1)

In the early 90s ‘Mr Intolerance’ Bernd Borhmann (Ludwigshafen, Germany; at that time vocalist of ‘Abolition’) did Confrontation zine with the help of his (then) partner Corey Von Villiez (‘Abolition’ bassist). They also ran the label Equality recs, and set … Continue reading

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Conflict (Read It! #3)

I explain how I qot acquainted with this zine in the intro to an interview with DS4A. Dave Carter who co-ran this distro (Doesn’t Stand For Anything) was the main man behind the Read It/Eat (Sh)It zines. The name changed … Continue reading

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DS4A (Auf Zu #1)

Armel Presselin & Stéphane Lempereur, 2 HC-punx from Angers (France) did this zine. I only got to see one issue; although a second one was announced: perhaps there was only this one? #1 had also interviews with ‘Freak Show’ (band … Continue reading

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E-150 (It’s Raining Truths #4)

The zine was done by Pytrik Schafraad, a guy from ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch, The Netherlands). He did 4 issues between 1997 & 2000. I believe I only saw #2 & #4. The www tells us he focussed “on band-interviews and articles … Continue reading

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Wendy-O-Matic (Spectacle #4)

Theo Witsell (Litlle Rock, Arkansas) has a university-degree in ecology & environmental science and works in biodiversity conservation. While still studying he published half-a-dozen issues of the “smart punx’ journal of dissident knowledge”: Spectacle, a respected, thoughtful and widely read … Continue reading

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Final Exit (Reinforced #1)

This band (from Umeå, Sweden) was a side-project of ‘Refused’. Dennis Lyxzén played bass, Anders Johansson (ex ‘SaidIWas’) guitar, David/Dave Sandström (drummer of ‘Refused’) was the vocalist and Pär Hansson (ex ‘Abhinanda’ hit the drums). They had a couple of … Continue reading

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Teo Petričević (Semtex #4)

Semtex was the zine of Thomas Byttebier (at that time residing in Harelbeke, nowadays “freelance digital designer” living Ghent). In the zine he states: >>I see zines as a form of meaningful resistance. They’re bound together by critical striving for … Continue reading

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