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Huasipungo (Cryptic Slaughter #6)

I started doing Cryptic Slaughter zine in 1995. The intention was for it to be ponderous collage-type ‘art’, found material and overheard gossip/snatches of conversation (the name comes from this, just something I overheard, people on the porch discussing old … Continue reading

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Ceresit (Graffiti #2)

This is a contribution by Steven ‘Stel’ R. Graffiti zine was done by Markus Staiger (Donzdorf, Germany) who would found Nuclear Blast recs. Never seen issues of Graffiti but later got a copy of another one (Message From The Gutter) … Continue reading

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The Inapt (Macht Van De Onmacht #5)

At a certain timepoint some people from the Brussels’ region got together to cooperate. By then Onno Hesselink had done 4 issues of his zine Peace Or Annihilation, Erik Van Der Veken had 3 issues of Macht Van De Onmacht … Continue reading

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Capital Scum (Vask Uld Rigtigt #4)

Vask Uld Rigtigt (literally translated as “wash wool correctly”) was the zine done by ‘L.U.L.L.’ (‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’)’s Kent Nielsen (vocals) and Andreas Ludvigsen (drummer) when they were residing at the Wanker Ranch (old farm – ‘L.U.L.L.’s rehearsal-space in … Continue reading

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Ebullition recs (Jay-Walk #1)

Jay-Walk  was an effort of Dejan Požegar with his (at that time) partner Tina Kraševec. They resided in Maribor, Slovenia. It was, besides a label (released material of Dejan’s band ‘Wasserdicht‘, and ‘Man In The Shadow’, ‘Scuffy Dogs’, ‘Kurort’ e.g.) & … Continue reading

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GOD (Antidoto #2)

Before Reptil (a zine that started in 1990), ‘Boliche’ (the drummer of ‘Subterranean Kids’, Barcelona) did Antidoto (1988-90). I’d never seen any of them (‘no hablo español‘) until they surfaced on the www (thx to Luis A.)… #1 (March ’88) … Continue reading

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Product X (It’s Not Just Boys Fun #1)

The person that introcuced me to this zine and its editor (Elena Stöhr) was probably Lieve Goemaere of Ugly Duckling zine. Elena might have contacted me for distribution. She was still a teen then, if I remember well. The young … Continue reading

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