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Archbishop Kebab (Einseitig #1)

I got the first issue (actually just 8 pages) of Einseitig (“one-sided”). No idea how I obtained it but probably from ‘Madness’ Reinhard Vinkelau (‘Störfall Mensch’ drummer), who’s mentioned as the contact. There’s quite a few people listed as contributers: … Continue reading

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Radical Noise (Bad English #1)

Bad English was a (most probably one-off) collective zine, coordinated by Makis Kalpakidis from Thessaloniki (Greece). Others involved: Elena Basciu (Firenze, Italy), Jelena Sušac (Osijek, Croatia), Rocco Anghel (bassist of the post-punk band ‘Terror Art’; Craiova, Roumenia), Carlos Revelo (San … Continue reading

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Rorschach (Let The Party Begin #2)

Søren Daugbjerg Jensen, from Ålborg (Denmark), did this zine. He was part of the 1000 Fryd (hardcore/punk venue) there and was in bands (guitar/vocals) such as ‘Hunchback International’, ‘Sons of Cain’ & ‘Married To A Murderer’ – with my mate … Continue reading

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Dead Kennedys (A.P.B. #1)

Another donation/suggestion of Randy Smith. A.P.B. stands for “All Points Bulletin”, a police-term). A fanzine from Montreal, edited by Mike ‘Zabo’ Price (vocalist of ‘Genetic Control‘, gig-organiser & MRR-contributer), Andrew Campbell & Stuart Peterson (bassist of ‘My Dog Popper’). A … Continue reading

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Sacro Egoismo (Unutrašnji Bunt #1)

‘Nesha/Neš(a)’ Nenad Vukmirović (from Sombor, north-west of Serbia near the Croatian border) did this zine, Unutrašnji Bunt (“internal rebellion/revolt”). He was also (vocalist) in an anarchopunkcore band with the same name. (Their bassist Tanja Arsenov -R.I.P.- helped out.) We used … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste (Follow The Crowd #3)

A fanzine from Omagh, Northern-Ireland, done by ‘Moyni’ Tony Moynihan and Derek ‘Doe’ Lynn (guitar/vocals & bass/vocals of ‘The Icons’). The first is a friend of Dirk Ceustermans (who borrowed me his copy of the 4th issue). The latter passed … Continue reading

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Ebola (Afasi #2)

Joel Abrahamsson did this zine, Afasi (“aphasia“), in the late 90s. The bands interviewed for #2 were ‘Mrtvá Budocnost’, ‘Ebola’ and ‘Code 13’. If you understand Swedish, you can read this issue on afasinr2.blogspot Brob I started Afasi in 1997, … Continue reading

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