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Jeetje Mina (Het Blad Van Eduard #1)

Ron(ny) Goris, from Nieuwegein (near Utrecht) joined the band ‘Laitz‘ as vocalist in the spring of ’84. He did this zine together with 2 others: Joep van Liefland – bassist of ‘Laitz’ & Rob van Aller – ‘Kikkerspuug’ guitarist. The … Continue reading

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Anti-Dogmatikss (Penetración #6)

“Their power lies in our misery – We don’t need them!!!” *** This was the “first anarchopunk fanzine” in Madrid, edited by Alberto Eiriz – “pioneer regarding the incorporation of the discourse and aesthetics of ‘Crass’ into punk of his … Continue reading

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Memento Mori (Extreme Derange #1)

This zine took off (Oct ’88) with Horst & Norbert Glatz (Regensburg, Bavaria) at the helm. Half a year later Norbert seemed to have disappeared and Waltraut Wette (with whom Horst ran Scum distribution; that also carried my zine) helped … Continue reading

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Rattus (Manic #4)

After the ‘Ripcord’ tour that I organised (‘Napalm Death’ tagged along), I went to visit John & Baz in Weston-super-Mare (July ’87). One day Baz took us to the St.Paul’s squat (home of ‘Chaos UK’) in Bristol. The band was … Continue reading

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No Lip (Arrrrrrrgh! #4)

Göran Lind from Skänninge (halfway between Göteborg & Stockholm), the vocalist of ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ put this together. I only find #3 & 4 in my collection. No idea how I got them… Brob The story of Arrrrrrrgh! is very … Continue reading

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Jingo De Lunch (Hole And Corner #1)

This zine (in German) was started by 2 guys from Reinfeld (between Hamburg en Lübeck): Timmo Lübkert & Nils Röhling. Both were in a band called ‘Suppe Ohne Möhre’ (‘S.O.M.’; “soup without carrots”). Can’t remember how I obtained this first … Continue reading

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Agathocles (Active Phase #1)

This zine was edited by 3 guys from Ljutomer (in the East of Slovenia, near the Hungarian & Croatian border): Stash Rudolf, Tomaž Horvat & Boris Brezovac. It was labeled a crust zine. They also ran a small distribution and … Continue reading

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Words Of Warning (Codeye #1)

Codeye was the work of Rob Ankers (from Middlesbrough), a.k.a. Rob Slavery (R.I.P. December 2009). the zine started in the eraly 90s. He became one of ‘Embittered’s vocalists later on. Sned made the first issue (’90) available on his website. … Continue reading

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Earth Citizens (DisAgreement #7)

DisAgreement started in the early 90s as a paper zine; Pascal Thiel (singer of ‘Fourtress’ & ‘Ulrich W. Modreck‘) & his brother Lex got involved. The zine was initiated by ‘Schlaak’ Alain Graf (from Esch-sur-Alzette, where the Kulturfabrik – venue … Continue reading

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What Made You Punk? (Slaughtered Trees And Toxic Ink #4)

My Swiss pen-pal Pablo (drummer of the anarcho-punk bands ‘Brains Of Humans’ – a follow-up to ‘The Decay’ – and later ‘Earth Citizens’) already did a zine (with his mate Fritze) in the late 80s: Alternative. (Actually he also helped … Continue reading

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