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Pullermann (Reptil #4)

  One of my all-time-favourite hardcore bands is ‘Pullermann’ (from Frankfurt, Germany). I saw them perform a couple of times (they played for our Smurfpunx collective twice: 90-03-31 & 90-12-22) and did an interview in Tilt! #6. I’d been introduced … Continue reading

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Tuomiopäivän Lapset (Mangelslakt #1)

Mangelslakt zine was done by Nick Mangel and Emily/Emilee Chen. Originally they operated from Minneapolis. They also ran a distro named CKT ATTACK Productions. Later Nick moved to Oakland (California), Emily to Sacramento. On the defunct website (mangelslakt.org) one could … Continue reading

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Exhaustless Revolt (Puffy #1)

Puffy was a zine done by An(neke) Schuurman, a young woman that was heavily into animal-rights & anti-fascism, with help of her (at that time) boyfriend Filip Staes (guitarist of ‘Exhaustless Revolt’). Both lived in Antwerp. Anneke also ran a … Continue reading

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Subcaos (Recognize No Authority #1)

Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (from Lisbon) finished this issue (together with ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias) of his zine Recognize No Authority in February 1993. Besides the interview below it contained talks with ‘Corrosão Caótica’, ‘Inkisiçao’, ‘Disrupt’, ‘Embittered’, ‘Subway Arts’, ‘Agathocles’; bits on animal-rights/hunting, … Continue reading

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Bugeyed (You’re So Hideous #3)

In the early ’90s Ben ‘Sik-o-War’ left Leeds and moved to London (121 Railton Rd squat in Brixton). He changed the name of his zine (Raising Hell) into You’re So Hideous. The zine had many similarities (style, DIY cut’n’paste layout, … Continue reading

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Disgust (De Vergeten Jeugd #3)

De Vergeten Jeugd (The Forgotten Youth) was a zine done by Werner Hendrycks. The guy was from Kalmthout (Antwerp) but he turned up at practically all gigs halfway the 80s, always taking pictures too… As far as I can remember … Continue reading

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Channel 3 (Still Dying #3)

The person that did the Eject It (tape-)compilation, Will Binks (from South Shields; Newcastle-upon-Tyne area), sent me electronic files of his old zines. In 1982 (aged 16) he did Hate & War (2 issues) with his cousin Paul Briggs (14 … Continue reading

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