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Amebix (Filthy Trash #2)

A while before Paul ‘Hammy’ Halmshaw started his label Peaceville recs (in 1987; his distribution and tape-label started earlier) he was the drummer of ‘Instigators‘ (84-85) and he sang for ‘Civilised Society?’ (86-87). He also did a couple of issues … Continue reading

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I already wrote a brief introduction for this zine: D.R.O.L. (Dieren Recht Op Leven; Animals have a Right To Live – ‘drol’ translated literally would be ‘turd’) was a zine in Dutch done by a bunch of people from Leuven … Continue reading

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Cause & Effect (Stonehenge #3)

This zine was done by Christophe Mora (from France), a good friend that I got to know when he used to come over here regularly to perform with his bands (‘FingerPrint’ and ‘Undone‘). He was/is a very active guy and … Continue reading

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De Rattebeet

The Ieper/Ypres  HC/punx celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Vort’n Vis in June 2019. One of the founding-fathers (Jan Claus, at the time nick-named ‘Jangle Ratpoison’) used to play (guitar) in a band called ‘Modern Underdogs’ and did a (fan)zine … Continue reading

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Scraps (Y’En A Marre #1)

Acquaintances from the Vort’n Vis scene (back then living in Lille & Roubaix, north of France, just across the border) – Doriane Billard & Diabolo Caste – did this zine…  I only saw this one issue (1990-ish). On the cover … Continue reading

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RockBitch (Sharkpool #3)

Tracy Bosworth (p.a. Delerict recs in Nottingham) did this fanzine called Sharkpool. We exchanged a few letters/mails but then she disappeared. I recall she was studying; later teaching and conducting research at her local university. Her study of gender-relations in … Continue reading

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H.H.H. (Chaos Kreator #1)

This was a hardcore/punk fanzine done by Siebe Douma (Harlingen, The Netherlands). Before that he did 2 issues of another one entitled Total Insanity. He also distributed some tapes (demos and live) under the name Extend Youth tapes. Can’t remember … Continue reading

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