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Zyklome-A (Fetvadd #1)

Magnus Grehn (’16 B.U.H.’ vocalist; brother of Fredrik Grehn, who did Byt Ben zine) did this zine together with Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (’16 B.U.H.’ guitarist; ex ‘Rövsvett’) and Frank Bergsten (’16 B.U.H.’ drummer; ex ‘Rövsvett’); all from Tranås (Sweden). Fetvadd … Continue reading

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Abuso Sonoro (Cacho De Cabra #5)

Cacho De Cabra (“goat’s horn”, a hot pepper from Chili/Peru) was edited by Felipe P. from Santiago, Chile. This issue had zine-/record-reviews, interviews with Joao M. Da Silva Forttes – vocalist of ‘Redención 9-11’ (left-wing HC/punk band from Santiago, Chile), … Continue reading

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D.O.A. (Alles Krig Mod Alle #2)

In the summer of 1986, I followed my mate ‘Duco’ on a trip to Denmark. He was friends with Anderz Nielsen (living in Kopenhagen), a nice bloke who was running a distribution/shop (started as Boston Tea Party tapes when still … Continue reading

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Pandemonium (Piss Off #9)

‘Matski’ Mat Aerts (Limbabwe tapes/recs; Venlo, The Netherlands) did this with help of Peter Janssen (‘Pandemonium’ bassist), I read. I’d never heard/read about it until Dirk Ceustermans dug it up from his collection… This issue contained a scene-report about Venlo … Continue reading

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Ultimo Resorte (Ausencia De Escarabajos #1)

Ausencia De Escarabajos (“absence of scarab beetles”) was done by Javier Remón (from Madrid). Before that, he was linked to Penetración fanzine. Dirk Ceustermans gave me this 1st issue (1983-84). It’s written in English (didn’t/doesn’t happen often in Spain) and … Continue reading

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Bedrövlerz (Distad #2)

Two guys of the band ‘Asocial’ – ‘Kungen’ Håkan Aspnäs (drums) & Mats ‘Svenne’ Svensson (guitar), both living in Hedemora (Sweden) – did this zine. They also ran a tape-label called Dis-Tapes. For those wo speak Swedish: their first two … Continue reading

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Kafka Prosess (Kontagion #4)

I’d never seen an issue of Kontagion until my mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed me his copy of #4. The zine was done by Laurent Pallanca & Laurent Laloue, from Neufchâtel-en-Bray (Normandy, France). Brob We were students in the beginning, later … Continue reading

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